Moby Says “the riaa needs to be disbanded”

Recently, the RIAA won a court case that saw a suburban mother fined for $2,000,000 for downloading a handful of songs off the internet and listening to them.

There has been a lot of outrage over the case and others like it in the past, but this time a prominent artist speaks out about it.

In a blog post in reaction to hearing about the afforementioned case, Moby says:

“argh. what utter nonsense. this is how the record companies want to protect themselves? suing suburban moms for listening to music? charging $80,000 per song?

punishing people for listening to music is exactly the wrong way to protect the music business. maybe the record companies have adopted the ‘it’s better to be feared than respected’ approach to dealing with music fans. i don’t know, but ‘it’s better to be feared than respected’ doesn’t seem like such a sustainable business model when it comes to consumer choice. how about a new model of ‘it’s better to be loved for helping artists make good records and giving consumers great records at reasonable prices’?”


[Props: Moby’s Blog

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