Lana Del Rey Fears For Her Life From Two Russian Stalkers

For Lana Del Rey, the beginning of the new year has failed to bring new promises. While most singers (read: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift) often take to their fans in times of trouble, for Lana, it seems, it is her “fans” who have brought her a world of trouble.

According to TMZ, the singer is scared for her life and has had to obtain a restraining order to keep two Russian girls, Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna Pozdina, away from her. Lana Del Rey has claimed that Kirnitsyna and Pozdina are fanatical stalkers who have threatened her in the past, and could possibly even kill her.

The two Russian girls have reportedly put rambling letters in Lana Del Rey’s mailbox, threatening suicide if Lana does not pay heed to their pleas, and have also threatened the singer with violence.

As a result of their relentless stalking, Lana has had to shift her residence; but, according to the report, the Russian girls followed Lana to her new place. Bizarrely enough, the girls slept outside Lana Del Rey’s house and kept shouting her name in the middle of the night.

Before Lana moved to obtain the restraining order, which has been granted by a court, she even hired a full-time bodyguard and off-duty LAPD cops for protection, but even that was not enough to make her feel completely safe.

This does not appear to be the first time that Lana Del Rey has been heckled by stalkers. In June, Lana had to move to a new $3 million mansion in Malibu after she claimed that fans near her old house had started to creep her out. Lana had previously been living in the ritzy Hancock Park area of L.A., which was just too accessible to fans, some of whom would camp out on her street.

Even the new Malibu home failed to give her any respite from intrusive fans. Two separate incidents within the space of two months at her Malibu home caused Lana Del Rey a lot of trouble. According to NME, a woman was arrested after stealing two of Lana Del Rey’s cars from her home in November. Legal documents obtained by the media outlet showed that the woman, Icess Floyd, sneaked into the singer’s home in Malibu and stole her Jaguar XK convertible before returning and taking her 2015 F-Type.

Again in December, there were reports in the media that a 19-year-old man who was “infatuated” with the singer had been arrested by detectives for breaking into her secluded house. Remarkably, the man had set up camp in Lana Del Rey’s garage and was discovered by a construction worker. At the time of the intrusion, Lana Del Rey was not present in the house.

Although Lana Del Rey had been forced to move to different houses as a result of all those incidents, this is the first time that she has had to obtain a restraining order to keep her “fans” at bay.

The judge who granted the restraining order said the Russian girls, about whom not much information seems to be available other than their names, must stay 100 yards clear of Lana and her home.

One can only hope the restraining order will be enough of a signal for Lana Del Rey’s fans to let her be.

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