Astor On The Park Hotel Bed-Bugs Video: 450,000 Views And Counting For Gross Bed-Bugs In Manhattan Hotel [Video]

There’s a truly gross video gaining plenty of views on YouTube that claims a serious bed-bug infestation at a New York hotel. With a title of “Astor on the Park Manhattan insect infestation and no heater!” the video uploaded by Elgin Ozlen has received more than 450,485 views as of this writing. It’s the kind of video that makes viewers begin itching and checking their own beds for bed-bugs.

Warning: The below Astor On The Park Hotel bed-bugs video might be disturbing to some viewers.

Uploaded to YouTube on January 1, the video’s description claims that Ozlen experienced the grossness after the third time changing rooms at the Astor on the Park hotel.

“This happened after out third room change at Astor on the Park in Manhattan after no heat and power outlets not working!!!”

Astor on the Park, as described by the hotel’s only findable website, the 2-star or 3-star hotel is known as a reasonably-priced hotel. Booking websites list rooms for as cheap as $50 per night, which is quite cheap for a New York hotel across the street from Central Park.

As the video begins, the narrator shows the person recording the video going in the lobby of the hotel, which is located across the street from Central Park.

“Tourists on a budget but do not wish to skimp on location will find Astor on the Parks range of accommodations irresistible. The 112 rooms have all been furnished with smart decor and several comforts. Guest rooms are complete with alarm clocks, CD Players, color television, and telephones. Marble bathrooms are decent and feature extras such as hairdryers and glass vanities.”

It is Astor on the Park Hotel’s room 509 that is shown in the now-viral video, with a heater that doesn’t work. The hotel brought the couple a space heater since the initial heater didn’t work. Complaints about outlets not working meant the couple couldn’t charge their phones.

The rash on the narrator’s girlfriend’s arms were from the bed-bugs discovered under the mattress, claims the man, as seen in the video. Elgin complains about the bed-bugs that caused the rash on his girlfriend’s shoulder, stomach, and “places he shouldn’t even film.” While hoping the bed-bugs video makes it to court, Elgin might not have known that his video would have gone so viral in just a few days.

The bed-bug infestation at the Astor on the Park Hotel, as reported by New York’s PIX11/WPIX-TV‎, was caught on camera by the couple from California who wanted a lovely New York vacation. Instead, Elgin’s birthday trip was ruined, and his girlfriend ended up with so many bed-bug bites from the Central Park hotel that the video records him saying he hopes no one else has to experience such a horrific hotel stay therein.

The bed-bugs who bit the Central Park West hotel guest, as reported by the New York Daily News‎, caused approximately 75 or more bites to the woman’s body, as seen in the video. Beneath the viral video on YouTube, those commenting about the incident are leaving all sorts of advice for the couple — including the recommendation to burn all of their belongings in order to not bring the bed-bugs back home with them. Others are latching onto Elgin’s comments that the hotel’s location should’ve precluded it from experiencing a bed-bug infestation.

The horrifying video is making the rounds online, with claims from the video creator that he hopes Astor on the Park will get the attention of a health inspector. The hotel that faces Central Park and offers views of the famous park — located at 465 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025 — will likely experience a drop in reservations after the bed-bug video goes more viral.

[Image via YouTube/Elgin Ozlen]