'Outlander' Hunk Sam Heughan Says He Needs To Buy All His Fans A Drink In New Twitter Q & A

Perry Carpenter

Sam Heughan recently offered his social media followers a special gift over the holiday season. After reaching the milestone of 200,00 followers, the Outlander star took to Twitter following the Christmas holiday and hosted a Q & A session with fans all across the globe.

"200,000 followers!!! Great Xmas present. Hi all!!! As promised, will answer 20questions (uh oh!) # AskSam # ThankYou," Heughan wrote.

Along with dishing his thoughts on a few Game of Thrones spoilers and upcoming projects, the Outlander star had a lot to say about his part on hit series. With that in mind, here are some of the answers Heughan provided, which were actually a little more revealing than was expected.

In case fans were wondering how Heughan fills his time in between shots, the actor revealed that a lot of coffee is consumed during his Outlander breaks, along with some chit chat with co-star Caitriona Balfe.

"Rehearse next scene, drink coffee, learn lines, drink more coffee, costume fitting, talk nonsense with Miss Balfe," Heughan stated.

While fans across the world were celebrating Christmas, things were not too dissimilar for Heughan, who shared some of the gifts he received over the holiday.

When asked if there was ever a chance that he would want to go back to his life before starring in Outlander, Sam Heughan revealed that he has no regrets and cherishes the opportunities that come with his work on the hit series.

"Not the attention that is attractive. The opposite," he shared. "But great opportunity and lucky to do what I love. Go forward."

On a lighter note, the Outlander star was asked about his favorite board games and which of his co-stars he would choose for teammates. Apparently, Balfe would not be his first choice when it comes to board games.

"Risk or Monopoly," he revealed, adding, "Cait cheats, McT too competitive, LaCroix best teammate. Silent and deadly. or drunken Twister!"

While fans have gotten used to seeing Heughan sporting long hair in his role as Jamie Fraser, he did hint that his character might be getting a bit of a haircut in the future.

In speaking about how he mirrors his character in real life, Heughan admitted that there are some things he finds himself doing that his character does on the show.

"There are some physical things that I find myself doing. Will see in season 2. But find myself doing everyday life," he stated.

Although the series only has one year under its belt, the show has managed to gain a number of different awards. This includes a recent Golden Globe nomination for Balfe and Tobias Menzies. When asked if he was planning on attending the ceremony, Heughan shared that he would be there in support of the Outlander cast.

"Will do! Show is nominated! Small Outlander family will be there + got to support the wife! (and Toby!!) See you there!" he said.

Lastly, Heughan was asked what he likes best about being a part of a show like Outlander. Not surprisingly, Heughan brought it back around and thanked fans for their wonderful support.

"Fans make it. Reason we work. Outlander fans have been terrific and proactive. And I still owe them all a drink," Heughan told fans.

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[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]