Fake Delonte West Twitter, Instagram Accounts Talk About LeBron James’ Mother Gloria James — Get 5,000+ Comments

A Delonte West fake account is causing big buzz on Instagram and Twitter at the account. That’s because the account has folks believing that West wrote a tweet on January 1, 2016, at 10:05 p.m., which directly called out LeBron James.

Intrepid users have realized that the Twitter account doesn’t really belong to Delonte, but that West’s private account @CharleeRedz13 is the real Twitter account for Delonte.

lebron james
[Image via Twitter/Delonte West]

In the now viral tweet, the fake Delonte account mentioned LeBron speaking badly about his own father and as such, the fake West reposted a meme that asked whose father was better — Steph Curry’s dad or LeBron’s dad. Instead of a photo of James’ father, there is a photo of Delonte as LeBron’s dad. In the hashtags, the fake West writes a “ha” laugh label, as well as a label that claims Delonte is really LeBron’s dad, and the final “ask Gloria” punch at the end.

Since @ wanna talk bad bout his pops I had to repost dis

The reason “ask Gloria” is such a biting diss is because of the rumors that the real Delonte had a sexual relationship with James’ mother, Gloria, as reported by TMZ. It was a rumor that spread so far and wide that some claimed it was the reason that LeBron played pretty horribly during the 2010 NBA playoffs.

Delonte even reasoned that he would not name his own son after himself because West doesn’t want the rumor about Delonte and Gloria to follow his own progeny. As reported by Vice Sports, Delonte refused to name his son Delonte, Jr., simply because of the West rumor about Gloria.

West’s fake tweet has been retweeted more than 1,200 times and liked more than 700 times.

As of this writing, LeBron hasn’t responded to the fake Delonte’s tweet on Twitter.

As reported by Complex, the fake Delonte posted a series of other tweets that pointed to West’s supposed problems with James. Fake Delonte claimed that while he and LeBron used to be close friends, the faux West wrote on Twitter that they are no longer friends.

“F*** a LeBron James…We used to be cool jo [but] we aren’t cool no more homie. @KingJames we not cool anymore man. Take my name out ur mouth. And stay with one team. U suck jo…u need all stars surrounding u to win.”

Reactions to the fake West’s Twitter page are coming into Twitter in the form of plenty of photo reactions, memes, and more.

Not all folks who’ve read the tweet realize that the tweets are coming from a fake Twitter account trying to assume the personage of Delonte. The fact that West’s real Twitter account has nearly 100,000 followers — a lot more than the number of followers that follow the fake Twitter account — points to it being Delonte’s real account. The real account is protected and locked and doesn’t show the verified Twitter signage.

The fake Instagram account’s photo gained 4,405 likes in only dluckyleftywest” Instagram fake account. The popularity of the post proves that not everyone knows the Delonte account is fake. The fact that so many people who’ve commented on the photo believe that it is really West posting those things about James proves the problems that can accompany social media. It can be difficult to ascertain actual celebrity social media accounts when they haven’t been vetted and verified on the social networking platforms.

The fact that the former Cleveland Cavaliers’ center account is fake should be good news for those who remember Delonte and LeBron’s special relationship.

(AP Photo/Matt York)