Chris Brown Facing Battery Charge After Allegedly Punching A Woman In Las Vegas

Chris Brown will forever be known as the rapper who roughed up Rihanna. While he has recently cleaned up his act and stayed out of trouble, for the most part, the latest accusation has fans wondering what he was thinking. Brown has been parading his daughter around and performing, mostly staying away from the things that would hurt his recovery. While he hasn’t been quiet the entire time, it appeared that Brown had learned to pick and choose his battles. The event that will forever plague him is long over, but this new round of accusations are just beginning.

A representative for Chris Brown has stated that the recent accusations are “undeniably untrue.” The complaint comes from a woman who was partying in Brown’s suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas between Friday night and Saturday morning. According to TMZ, the woman was able to get her cell phone out without Brown’s security seeing it. When Brown discovered what she was doing, he became angry. He confronted her and he allegedly punched her in the eye. The woman was asked to leave the party and called the Las Vegas police a few hours later. She was not treated at a hospital and the incident is currently under investigation. Las Vegas police have confirmed that Chris Brown is the suspect at this point, though no charges have been officially filed.

Back in 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for beating up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. The story was huge and the coverage lasted for months after Brown plead guilty. Since then, there have been a few different run-ins with police, but nothing related to domestic violence or battery. Most recently Chris Brown has been making headlines for fathering a child. His daughter is a toddler and he has been doing everything he can to get custody of her. She has been the talk of the town and has been spending plenty of time with Brown, even when he is touring. These new allegations may hurt Chris Brown in the long run, especially when it come to his daughter.

Right now, Chris Brown’s rep is denying that he did anything wrong. According to ABC News, Chris Brown is facing a battery charge in connection with punching the woman in her eye. All of this stemming from a cell phone brought into a private party. Brown likely has rules about photos being taken at parties he is hosting. It was confirmed that Brown had a performance in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day, which is why the party was being thrown Friday night into Saturday morning. After a long night of partying, the people were in and out of the suite. Brown’s security missed that the woman had her phone and when she took photos, that is when the rapper allegedly lost it.

Fans are standing behind Chris Brown for right now. Without actual charges, it is all just accusations. The Las Vegas police department has not commented, except to confirm that Brown is a suspect in the battery investigation. The incident happened mid-morning, not during the middle of the night. There are questions surrounding why the victim waited hours to report the incident after being removed from the party. Over the next few days there should be some answers. Brown seems to think he is untouchable and if he was drinking or using drugs during the party, his state of mind could have been altered. For now, fans are hoping for the best and believe that the truth will come out one way or another. Chris Brown has made efforts to attempt to turn his life around, even with the bumps and hangups he has experienced along the way.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai’s Beachclub-Nightclub]