Anti-Trump Skywriting: Skies Above 2016 Rose Parade Declare ‘Trump Is Disgusting,’ ‘Anybody But Trump’

The 127th Rose Parade was held in Pasadena, California yesterday, and, as usual, spectators were treated to a lengthy show of immaculately designed and prepared floats. This year, however, those in attendance at the Rose Parade got a little more than they might have been expecting when a skywriting company began writing anti-Trump messages in huge block letters above the parade, as reported by Reuters.

“America is great! Trump is disgusting. Anybody but Trump, U.S.,” the anti-Trump skywriting was quoted. Donald Trump’s campaign has reportedly declined the opportunity to comment on the Rose Parade skywriting.

"Anyone But Trump, Trump Is Disgusting," skywriters wrote above Pasadena at the 2016 Rose Parade.
Donald Trump speaks on December 28 in Nashua, New Hampshire. [Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]
For those who aren’t aware, Donald Trump is currently leading polls in the race for the Republican Party U.S. presidential nomination, according to Real Clear Politics, and his support has only seemed to increase in recent weeks and months. Currently, an average of recent polls shows Trump holding 35.6 percent of registered Republican voter favor; Ted Cruz trails quite far behind in second place with 18.6 percent of Republican voter support.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has claimed responsibility for the anti-Trump skywriting, with some commenters on the company’s Facebook page suggesting that the entire gesture was more aimed at gaining publicity that espousing any particular political view. It turns out that while it does appear that AirSign did complete the actual skywriting, it also seems that they were commissioned to do so by an Atlanta businessman.

“Way to keep it professional,” Thomas Wheeler wrote in review on AirSign Aerial Advertising’s Facebook page. “You will loose a lot of business because or your lack of professionalism.”

The skywriting company’s last post before the stunt garnered 2 likes and 1 comment. A subsequent status update generated over 1,000 likes and over 500 shares and comments.

Skywriting critical of Donald Trump was visible at the Rose Parade yesterday.
American Honda’s 2016 Rose Parade entry. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Stan Pate is reportedly the mastermind behind the “Trump is disgusting” stamp upon the Pasadena New Year’s Day sky. Like Trump, Pate is said to be a real estate developer from Atlanta who has called the presidential candidate “despicable” and sworn that “this is just the start.”

The Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and Sugar Bowl were said to be other venues where Pate has unfurled his skywriting aimed at Donald Trump. Pate reportedly contributed to the Marco Rubio 2016 presidential campaign.

Good morning Pasadena, we have a surprise for you! Be sure to look up starting at 8:30am. #AnybodyButTrump #digitalskywriting #RoseParade

Posted by AirSign Aerial Advertising on Friday, January 1, 2016

The skywriting was said to have continued for close to an hour, over the heads of hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered to view the parade that traditionally kicks off the New Year for many Americans. “Variations” of the anti-Trump theme were said to have been woven into the statement, creating a moment that will likely not soon be forgotten by anyone who was present: “Trump is a fascist dictator” and “Trump is delusional” the sky declared.

Donald Trump skywriting at the 2016 Rose Parade in Pasadena.
The Western Asset Management Company 2016 Rose Parade entry. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Security at the Rose Parade was said to be tight in the wake of the deadly San Bernardino shootings last month. More than “two dozen federal agencies” were reported to have coordinated with state and local police to bring the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl the largest security presence the events have ever witnessed.

The Rose Parade is said to require 80,000 hours of work on the part of the 935 members of the volunteer-driven Tournament of Roses Association, according to the group’s website. The parade route is 5.5 miles long and is said to draw close to 500,000 spectators each year.

Stanford Beat Iowa in the Rose Bowl 45-16, according to Yahoo Sports. Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, who has 1847 yards this season, broke a Rose Bowl record for total all-purpose yards in the game. Stanford gained 429 yards, vastly overpowering Iowa in what was described as a “blowout.” The 2016 Rose Bowl was the 102nd playing of the annual college football game.

[AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker]

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