Home Depot Terrorist? Employee Robert Wallis Arrested For Making Threats

Could there be a Home Depot terrorist? This is what Robert Andrew Wallis, 35, may be labeled after having made some threats to his co-workers. The San Antonio hardware store employee had allegedly felt frustrated when his co-workers weren’t doing their jobs.

This happens to a lot of hard-working employees in retail when they notice they’re putting in twice as much work as others paid the same amount. They sometimes dream of extreme solutions to rid themselves of their “lazier” co-workers, but most of us don’t act on or vocalize those dreams. Most people certainly don’t throw threats around, since there is usually a discipline system in place for employees like this.

Many of us sometimes joke around about it in the break room, but potential Home Depot terrorist Robert Wallis of San Antonio had been allegedly ready to follow through and actually harm people. It is unknown how close he was to carrying those threats out.

According to CBS News in San Antonio, Robert had threatened to “slice the throat” of his manager, kidnap and rape his wife, and sell his children into slavery. The threats continued as fellow employees allegedly claimed Robert said he would bring assault rifles and shoot co-workers who he felt weren’t doing their jobs.

It is unknown if Robert had anger issues or a history of mental illness that might have led to this series of extreme threats. The usual way of dealing with work conditions you find unsatisfactory is to go to a manager and tell them what you believe is wrong. Anyone who plans to keep their job doesn’t tell their manager about extreme actions they plan to take outside company policy and legal boundaries.

When Robert had allegedly made these threats known to the manager, the police were notified. They had arrived at Wallis’ home with a warrant and found several guns, including a firearm in his front pocket. The alleged Home Depot terrorist had admitted to owning several weapons, which police found throughout his home.

KENS 5 says police discovered an AR-15 assault rifle, a .22 caliber rifle, and a shotgun as well as go-bangs, trauma packs, a military grade ballistic vest, and books on murder. Wallis also confessed to owning 4,000 rounds loaded into 30 round clips of AR-15 ammunition alone.

After a few disturbing years of terrorist attacks and mass shootings, the world has been in the grip of fear. People are starting to step up and make good on their threats, including Dylann Roof, the gunman behind the massacre of a Bible study group in South Carolina last year.

The Inquisitr reported that Roof had been planning the attack and even got his friend Joey Meek involved. Unlike the alleged Home Depot terrorist Robert Wallis, Dylann Roof went through with his plan and sparked a controversy that eventually ended in the removal of the Confederate flag in several states.

Another more recent incident happened in a New York mall, where a shooting had sparked a general panic as customers attempted to flee the scene. The ensuing gridlock made for an intense aftermath, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

This doesn’t include the acts of terror in Paris in 2015.

Sadly, shootings and attacks have been happening so often that President Obama has addressed gun control several times. It’s unknown how effective any degree of gun control will be when people like Robert Wallis, the potential Home Depot terrorist, are found in possession of several firearms he allegedly threatened to use.

The potential danger that Robert allegedly posed after having been discovered with a collection of guns and issuing threats to use them on co-workers have earned the Home Depot terrorist a stay in jail. Further discipline may be pending.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]