Joe Torres Says Roger Clemens Deserves Hall Of Fame Spot

Roger Clemens should be in the baseball hall of fame according to former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre.

Clemens was found “not guilty” two weeks ago against accusations that he lied to Congress in 2008 about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Before Sunday’s “Old Timer’s Day” game at Yankee Stadium Torre told reporters:

“I’m a little prejudiced on Clemens. He was like a son to me. Unfortunately, the question mark is always gonna be there with him. It’s something that’s sad for me … because I disliked him like everyone else until I got a chance to know him. He was a great teammate for these guys and he was very devoted to the team he was playing on, and I always respected that.”

Clemens, an 11-time All-Star won 354 games during his career with a career average 3.12 ERA.

Unfortunately accusations hurled at Clemens and the fact that he played during the “steroids era” have left hall of fame committee members up in the air over whether or not they should nominate Roger Clemens for a hall of fame spot.

In the meantime MLB owners are at least in some capacity standing behind Clemens, after he was found not guilty in mid-June the Houston Astros extended an offer for Roger Clemens to join the team in some type of capacity.

Jim Torre, a respected member of Major League Baseball and the current executive vice president of baseball operations doesn’t have a say in whether or not Clemens is eventually voted into the hall of fame but his words are listened to by many members of the baseball community.