Lee Jong Suk: Popular Actor Of K-Drama 'Pinocchio' Goes Into 2016 A Free Agent

Jan Omega

In Korean television and film today, one of the most popular and sought out actors is Lee Jong Suk. Beginning his career back in 2010 with a supporting role in Prosecutor Princess, Jong Suk has gone forward from that point to star in some of the most loved K-dramas and K-movies since. Some of his acting credits include lead roles in dramas like School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, and Doctor Stranger. He even had lead roles in movies like R2B: Return to Base, No Breathing, and Hot Young Bloods. However, most of Jong Suk's fans show the most admiration for his role in Pinocchio, not just because that K-drama is very good, but because most of his fans have created a relationship of him with Park Shin Hye.

All of Lee Jong Suk's credentials have been earned under the management of Wellmade Yedang, an agency well-known for managing Hwayoung after she left T-ara and EXID. In 2016, that will no longer be the case because Jong Suk is going into the new year a free agent.

The news of Lee Jong Suk no longer being under the management of Wellmade Yedang was first announced through Korean news outlet, Star, through KdramaStars. Jong Suk apparently did not renew his contract because he wants to focus on developing his acting as well as concentrating on promoting Korea. It is also noted that Jong Suk parting ways with Wellmade Yedang was amicable in which the agency will continue to support his future endeavors. An official statement was made on the matter by a representative for Jong Suk, which he provided to another Korean news outlet, Newsis.

"After his contract with his current agency expires on December 31, Lee Jong Suk wants to take the time to carefully consider his next step."

As for the Chinese drama itself, very little is confirmed about Jade Lover. All that can be confirmed is the information above, and that Jade Lover is the very first Chinese drama Lee Jong Suk will star in. There are some rumors pertaining to the drama, including one that suggests the female lead will be played by Zheng Shuang, a Chinese actress known for her roles in Hana Yori Dango, Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower, and Love Through a Millenium.

For now, Lee Jong Suk is a free agent, but with his rising popularity in acting, he is looking for an agency that can do more. Wellmade Yedang may be too small of an agency to effectively manage not just his budding acting career, but also his established career that he was first known for: modeling.

[Image via Promotions for School 2013]