Park Shin Hye And Lee Jong Suk: ‘Pinocchio’ Co-Stars Celebrate Winter In Millet Fashion

In Korean entertainment today, one of the most popular actresses (if not the most popular actress) is Park Shin Hye. Formerly a child actress, Shin Hye has proven herself to be phenomenal in K-dramas such as Flower Boys Next Door and Heirs, K-variety shows such as Three Meals A Day, and K-movies such as The Royal Tailor and The Beauty Inside.

Though Park Shin Hye has many fans worldwide for such roles, if one were to ask those who are a part of the Park Shin Hye International Community what her most popular role was, most of them will claim it was her character in Pinocchio. Though Shin Hye has excelled in almost everything she’s worked in, Pinocchio stands out for numerous reasons. The plot was very interestingly brought to life through excellent direction and acting of both the main leads and a supporting cast that surpassed expectations. The score — Shin Hye herself performed some of the show’s hits — was memorable. Finally, Shin Hye’s chemistry with the male lead, Lee Jong Suk, was phenomenal.

As a matter of fact, these same fans are constantly shipping a relationship between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. Because of this, it has become a major selling point for promotion. Now, Millet is utilizing the favored couple fantasy by having Shin Hye and Jong Suk celebrate the upcoming winter with their season fashion.

According to KdramaStars, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk appeared in a commercial (attached below) for Millet showcasing clothing from their upcoming winter fashion line. For Shin Hye, she wore a quilted coat that reached down to her thighs. As for Jong Suk, he wears a stylish zip-up coat that compliments Shin Hye. Altogether, their style is best described as “new urbanism” and “stylish anywear.”

Though Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have worked with Millet before, this promotion of winter wear will most likely appeal more so to fans because of the seasonal setting for Pinocchio when Shin Hye and Jong Suk’s characters (Choi In Ha and Choi Dal Po respectively) express their romantic feelings for each other. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular scenes in the K-drama is the first kiss scene. After walking along the street decorated in extravagant winter decorations, Dal Po (Jong Suk) admits he cannot go back to the “family relationship” he had with In Ha (Shin Hye). In Ha says that she can but is actually lying because she hiccups, something that happens whenever she lies due to being diagnosed with Pinocchio Syndrome. Dal Po leans in to kiss In Ha, which she tries to block with her hand. Eventually, her feelings wash over her as she kisses Dal Po back as a light snow falls around them.

Park Shin Hye Lee Jong Suk Snowy Kiss Scene
One of the most popular scenes in the K-drama Pinocchio is when Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk share a kiss in the middle of a street with winter decorations while a light snow falls around them.

The professional shoot between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk comes out of the shadow of rumors earlier this year that claimed they were dating. Said rumors came into fruition when pictures of them together were uploaded online. Either their relationship is real or not is a personal matter, but the fact that they are able to work together within the rumor’s wake shows just how professional both Hallyu stars are.

As for current endeavors outside of their Millet winter promotion, Park Shin Hye is taking a break from acting to finish her degree in theater and film. As for Lee Jong Suk, it is unknown what his latest endeavors are but he seems to be steadily working nevertheless. Finally, for those who have never watched Pinocchio, it is available to watch for free on both DramaFever and Viki.

[Featured Image via Screen Capture of “Millet Winter Commercial,” Post Image via Screen Capture from Pinocchio]

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