ISIS Are The Modern Nazis, And Their Leader Is The New Hitler Preaching Muslim Supremacy [Report]

A provocative new report comparing ISIS to the Nazis has been published on The Sun website this week. The piece outlines the similarities between the modern 2015 jihadist death cult and the German far-right party that sparked World War 2.

A “cult of personality” is reportedly common to both ISIS and the Nazi. Both movements drew their repulsive momentum from a charismatic leader who tapped into a sense that his people had been let down. Al-Baghdadi and Hitler took advantage of the sense of being hard-done-by that prevails among their populations, using it to fan anger and draw in new recruits and devotees.

“HITLER took on a mythical aura among devotees who loved his stirring speeches and believed his twisted lies. He struck a chord with a nation left on its knees after World War One…Al-Baghdadi too has tapped into a new sense of victimhood felt keenly among Muslims worldwide. They feel the West has persecuted them, that they are voiceless and defenceless.”

Both rulers use a distinctive style of “propaganda for a new age,” promising a brighter future for their adherents, and both spoke of a “destiny” that would play out in their favour — in Hitler’s case, the natural and ordained place of the Aryan master-race at the top of the world hierarchy, and in al-Baghdadi’s case, the supremacy of Muslims following the defeat of infidels, as described clearly in the prophecies laid out in the Islamic Quran. Thus, both the Nazis and ISIS fight with a sense of fiery righteousness, as they believe that history is on their side.

Finally, ISIS and the Nazis have both stirred world powers into action, sparking and inflaming tensions as they provoke conflict, or sometimes spurring former enemies to band together in an attempt to defeat them. Many of the events seen in 2015 echo the events that took place in the lead up to World War 2, prompting alarmists to declare that the third World War is on the horizon, or in some cases, to declare that it has already begun.

Texas congressman Ted Poe was ready to “globalize the conflict” and declare World War 3 following the ISIS terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 civilians, according to Free Thought Project.

The Sun isn’t the only voice making the controversial ISIS-Nazis comparison. Australian prime minister Tony Abbott shocked many when he said that ISIS are actually worse than the Nazis due to their desire to publicise the gruesome slaughters they carry out, according to Sky News. Abbott argued that the Nazi death cult at least tried to keep their slaughters secret or play them down.

Abbott was slammed by Jewish leaders for his “injudicious and unfortunate” comments, according to ABC News.

The Mirror recently reported that ISIS have approved harvesting of organs, citing passages in the Quran that purportedly condone the practice and “legitimize” such harvesting — even if it means killing the healthy donor first in order to take his organs and transplant them into a Muslim body.

“Allah Almighty knows best what is right and what is wrong and there is evidence from texts and Islamic principles and laws supporting the notion that transplanting healthy organs from an apostate’s body into a Muslim body in order to save the latter’s life or replace a damaged organ with it is permissable.

Are ISIS as bad as the Nazis?

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