Reddit Hosts IAmA By McDonald’s Worker, Worker Swears No One Spits in Food

Reddit’s IAmA posts get a very broad roster of participants, many of whom are either celebrities or just average dudes with somewhat interesting jobs or circumstances — but a Reddit IAmA by a McDonald’s worker this week is one that drew a bit of attention.

I suppose that due to its extreme ubiquity in the US and worldwide, everyone kind of wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in McDonald’s — and what better place to learn than from a Reddit thread? IAmA threads and AMA threads are known for their no-holds-barred format, and those starting the threads are known to speak candidly, and generally off-message — and the Reddit McDonald’s IAmA was no exception.

McDonald’s PR was probably a bit brassed off — and the well-trafficked thread makes many mentioned of shift “parties,” as well as workers dealing weed from McDonald’s locations, which is insinuated somewhat to be common practice.

However, McDonald’s did get some decent PR out of the situation — the now deleted OP dismissed the idea of any McDonald’s worker adulterating food, saying that “…contrary to popular belief, NOBODY (at our location, at least) would ever, ever mess with the food that is going to a customer.”

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He also dropped some cleanliness knowledge on fellow Redditors, explaining that the joint is cleaned every ten minutes while it is open.

McDonald’s has since addressed the popular IAmA, saying:

“While this crew member is not a spokesperson for McDonald’s, as with any job, I think we can all agree there are ups and downs, good days and bad. We believe these posts reflect that.”

Due to the popularity of the Reddit McDonald’s thread, it was moved to r/tabled, for more linear reading.