Live Bill Cosby News: Watch Streaming Updates Of Cosby's Arraignment At 4 P.M. ET On December 30 [Video]

With the news that an arrest warrant has been issued for Bill Cosby comes an increase in the interest in live news coverage about Cosby. According to Alexa, the Yahoo page titled Live coverage from ABC News is one of the most popular web pages as of this writing. Although the page purports to let folks "Watch the video Live coverage from ABC News on Yahoo News," the page is so busy as of this writing that the live video simply loops, without showing updates about Cosby currently.

However, live coverage from ABC News is working at right now, so that when Bill is scheduled to appear as a result of Cosby's arrest warrant, it can be watched live online.

CBS News also offers a live and streaming news feed, at, so that up-to-the-minute coverage of the Cosby case can be viewed online. NBC News also has a live news stream feed at, if it is available in the viewer's area.

Live Twitter updates about Cosby, as well as live Twitter videos about Cosby, produce updates as seen in the following YouTube video, in which the Pennsylvania DA speaks about the charges that have just been filed against William Henry Cosby. It's a first-degree felony that Bill faces with these sexual assault charges.

The charges against Cosby came to light as a result of new data from 2015 that made it in under the statute of limitations of 12 years. Witnesses in the Cosby case were re-interviewed. Authorities learned about new information from other Cosby victims, and as such, re-opening the case against Bill was a move that authorities took in order to seek justice for Bill's victims. Police are asking that anyone else who has had experiences with Cosby to come forward as well and contact authorities.
Andrea Constand was the first of Cosby's alleged victims to have her court case against Bill made public. Constand worked as an employee of the women's basketball team at Temple University. As reported by the Inquisitr, Andrea said in her testimony that Cosby gave Constand some type of medication that made her dizzy, and when she woke up, her bra was undone and her clothes in a state of disarray. The important part of the rape charges, as reported by Philly Mag, accuse Cosby of digitally penetrating Andrea when Constand visited Cosby's home.
"[Cosby] touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated [Andrea]."
One charge against Cosby, aggravated indecent assault, which has the statute of limitations of 12 years, has been filed. That charge involves some type of vaginal penetration without consent. The person could be substantially impaired due to the perpetrator providing substances that would render their victim unable to give permission to be penetrated.

Cosby's arraignment should happen around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 30. As such, the above live news feeds should provide video of Bill showing up for his arraignment, because Cosby is required to attend the arraignment in person.

As reported by People, an arrest warrant was issued for Cosby in the wake of the comedian experiencing a long list of accusations of rape and unwanted drugging levied against Bill. In return, Cosby filed defamation lawsuits, and claimed that some of the sex Bill had with the women was consensual.

However, it's the fact that Bill, a Philadelphia native, admitted to giving Quaaludes to certain women in a deposition of Cosby's from a 2005 lawsuit that later became public that caused the DA to go after Cosby with the new details that were made public. The DA is going after the one charge thus far that hasn't expired under the statute of limitations. With Bill's admission in the deposition of obtaining Quaaludes for the purpose of having sex with women, that shed new light on the Cosby case, legally and otherwise.

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