Andrea Constand Photos: Facebook, Twitter Photos Of 42-Year-Old Constand Speak Of #ConsentIs

Andrea Constand will be forever associated with the name that was able to take down Bill Cosby. Photos of Constand show Andrea's face often coupled with various photos of Cosby. That's because according to People, it was Andrea's court filings from 2004 against Cosby that made Constand's court documents the first rape charges that went public against Cosby. Since then, a long line of sexual allegations have come out against Cosby -- with Cosby calling the sex between Bill and Andrea consensual.

Not so, says Andrea, with the former Temple women's basketball team employee saying Cosby missed all signals that Constand is gay, as reported by People. A photo of Andrea shows Constand holding a basketball, sporting deep dimples, curly hair, and wearing a Temple University jersey.

On Twitter, Andrea goes by "Dre Constand" @itweatyou, with plenty of photos of Constand proving Andrea to be an outdoorsy, lean, and athletic personality who posts photos of the importance of consent during sexual situations. The 83 photos and videos on Andrea's Twitter page give a peek into the personality of Constand.

"Athlete, Health Practitioner/Healing Arts. Self-Realized Truth Seeker. May your life be filled with the light and bliss of God's presence."
On Facebook, photos of Andrea "Dre" also speak of her love of the outdoors, like Sedona, Arizona. Constand writes about a hashtag called "Consent Is," which allows folks to add their own interpretation to what giving consent really means. In addition to a "no means no" mantra, the "consent is" movement seeks to get folks to talk about how they truly know when sexual consent is given, and when it isn't.
"It's a conversation away. #consentis"
More current photos of Constand show Andrea sporting that same curly hair and dimples, albeit with Andrea's curly hair appearing shorter, and the deep dimples and smile surrounded by a few smile lines.
Constand was 31 years of age when Andrea visited Cosby's home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. Andrea alleged that Bill gave her some sort of medication that made Constand dizzy, and when Andrea awakened, Constant said her bra was unfastened and her clothes were all over the place. As a result of the allegations, Cosby ended up settling a civil suit filed by Andrea and claimed that 13 other women at the time — Jane Does — accused Cosby of similar sexual abuse, according to CNN.

Instead of recognizing the fact that Constand was dating a woman when Constand was first introduced to Cosby in November, 2002, Bill reportedly was the "narcissist" Andrea called him by ignoring the fact that she was gay. This fact escaped Bill when he claimed the sex with Andrea wasn't rape, but consensual.

Instead, according to the court documents quoted by Philly Mag, Cosby allegedly raped Andrea when Constand went to Bill's home in January, 2004, and performed the actions that Andrea said Cosby did against her will.

"[Cosby] touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated [Andrea]."
As a result of the charges, Cosby has had an arrest warrant issued for him, due to the allegations of the drugging and alleged raping of Constand. Andrea has yet to comment on Cosby's arrest warrant, although Andrea's lawyer -- Dolores Troiani -- expressed gratefulness and hope in the justice system.
On Twitter, Constand writes about plenty of faith topics, and posts photos containing Bible verses, such as one posted on March 3, which quotes Philippians 1:6. According to Bible Hub, that Scripture photo that Andrea posted as seen below is one that speaks of God continuing to work things out until the end.
"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."
[Photo by AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File]