‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Learns Key Information, Lulu Faces Big Questions, And Dante Is Under Pressure

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there will be can’t-miss scenes between Robin and Jason while the tension continues between Lulu and Dante. Johnny’s presence is shaking things up a bit, and viewers will see progress related to Hayden in this December 29 episode as well.

Hayden has been digging into the details surrounding her shooting for quite a while now, and General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Hayden learns key information during Tuesday’s show. She has been working with Curtis to determine the truth, and he reveals something significant to her at last.

According to Soap Central, Hayden will learn that Shawn absolutely did not shoot her, as the ballistics do not match. Hayden has been growing closer and closer to Nikolas, and she has been right by his side after he fell over the terrace after fighting with Jason.

However, General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be feeling torn when Nik opens up during this episode. Is she finally going to learn that Nik orchestrated her shooting? If she does, what does she do with the information?

Lulu and Johnny have been working together on a plan to get revenge against Valerie for sleeping with Dante, although Lulu had some reservations briefly about how far Johnny was willing to go. General Hospital spoilers share that during Tuesday’s show, Johnny will indicate a willingness to do whatever Lulu needs from him.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Johnny has strong feelings for Lulu that go beyond friendship and support, and those are going to be mucking up this partnership from the sounds of things. During Tuesday’s episode, Johnny will be trying to ascertain how solid Lulu is on ending her marriage with Dante. Much like was the case with Dillon, however, Lulu isn’t seeing the truth about how Johnny is feeling about her.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that later in the week, Johnny will make a move by planting a kiss on Lulu. However, it’s unlikely that things will be quite that simple for Johnny in his quest to win Lulu’s affections. Dante may seem like he has given up, but during Tuesday’s episode, Sonny will be urging Dante to fight for his marriage.

Previews show Sonny telling Dante that he could probably win Lulu back if he put half the effort into repairing his marriage that he puts into justifying letting it go. General Hospital spoilers detail that Valerie will be making a move in this episode as well, seemingly putting some pressure on Dante regarding the state of their relationship.

Also ahead in this episode is more with Morgan. It seems that Morgan will overhear Sonny talking about the business, but it’s not clear what happens as a result. As the week continues, Morgan and Kristina will be partnering up on something together, but he will find himself in a tight spot very soon.

Viewers will also see more of Kiki and Morgan together, as Kiki mentions not trusting her mom. In addition, viewers will see Dillon confronting Paul about what happened with Tracy. Jordan questions Curtis about why he’s hanging around, and Maxie will urge Patrick to make big moves in building a future with Robin.

While there are big changes ahead for Patrick, General Hospital spoilers have teased that he may end up leaving Port Charles on a happy note, at least initially. There is said to be a proposal coming up next week, and many suspect this is for Patrick and Robin. What about Elizabeth and Jason? The buzz is that he may eventually forgive her and give their relationship another shot, but folks shouldn’t count Sam out quite yet.

Will Dante and Lulu reconnect, or do Valerie and Johnny have the opportunity to build these early relationships? How far will Morgan sink again, and what is Kristina hiding? Can reconnecting with Robin, especially after his chat with Spinelli, help Jason forge forward in rebuilding his life? Viewers are curious to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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