‘Friends’ Reunion: Cast Members Weigh In On The Possibility

Friends reunion. How many times have those words been uttered over the past 11 years? It seems that fans have wanted one from the day the show ended. Well, okay, that would be second to wishing the show had never ended in the first place. But what do the cast members have to say about a Friends reunion? The Huffington Post reveals that Lisa Kudrow doesn’t want to have a Friends reunion.

“I wouldn’t even have an interest in seeing what those people are doing 10 years later as parents that have to be responsible… It would be so different that it wouldn’t be ‘Friends’ anymore. Have I talked anybody out of wanting a reunion?”

Having said that, Kudrow has made it clear in the past that she would have liked Friends to keep going at the time. The Huffington Post reported in 2013 that both Kudrow and Matthew Perry would have like to see Friends continue. Perry said he would go back to 2004 if he had a time machine.

“If I had a time machine, I would like to go back to 2004 and not have stopped.”

Kudrow echoed that sentiment.

“Yeah, no… If it was up to us… I would keep going. I figure there probably would’ve come a time anyway when someone would’ve said, ‘We’ve had enough,’ but why not have fun until they do?”

Shortly after Perry’s and Kudrow’s sentiments, the Huffington Post reported that Jennifer Aniston was asked about a Friends reunion and her response was apologetic.

“We’re all sorry… I think it ended at the right time, and it ended when people still wanted more.”

Matt LeBlanc also felt that a Friends reunion would not be a great idea. Back in 2012, he told Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t want to see the old Joey.

“I don’t want to see old Joey. I don’t want to see Chandler and Monica with their kids that are [raising a hand a few feet off the ground] this big now. I’d rather imagine that. Everyone’s going to have different vision of what those characters are like, so to have that materialize is going to disappoint most people. A couple of people will go, ‘That’s what I thought!’ but for the most part it’s going to let people down. It’s better to let them just think.”

But LeBlanc is just fine with high school reunions, and Refinery 29 reports that recently he attended his 30th Newton North High School reunion in Massachusetts. He tweeted about the event, stating he hoped it would be a blast.

And even on his tweet, folks were responding by asking about a possible Friends reunion.

It appears fans of Friends will never give up! One thing is for certain, all of LeBlanc’s old high school classmates were sure happy to have him there.

A Friends reunion would be difficult at best if it ever did happen. All of the cast are so busy with projects in their current lives that time would be at a premium. Aniston has her movies. LeBlanc and Kudrow have their TV sitcoms. And apparently Perry is getting into theater.

According to Deadline, Matthew Perry has written a play called “The End of Longing,” and in addition to writing the play, Perry is planning to star on stage. Perry says being onstage leaves one feeling very exposed.

“Being on stage makes you feel naked. Being on stage in a play that I have written will make me feel doubly naked. So if you’d like to see me doubly naked, tickets go on sale today.”

At least fans can still see their Friends favorites doing other, very exciting things in their careers.

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