Bad Student? Louis Tomlinson’s Old Teacher Shades One Direction Star

Louis Tomlinson is back in his hometown of Doncaster for Christmas following a brief stay in Chicago where the One Direction star got girlfriend rumors flying after he was spotted cuddling and holding hands with actress Danielle Campbell, as reported by Just Jared.

Louis appeared to enjoy his time in Chicago, which came soon after the final One Direction performance for 2015 on the X Factor. The trip marked the start of an eighteen month hiatus that will allow Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne to have a break from touring and recording, and to attempt to process the events of the last five years, which saw the guys achieve international success as a band.

The meteoric rise of One Direction to the top of the charts and front pages of the tabloids followed their third-place finish on The X Factor. It was fueled in part by social media and achieved with the blessing of Syco boss Simon Cowell, and was generally unprecedented in its speed and intensity.

With the break officially on, Louis Tomlinson let loose, hooking up with girls, stopping in at a parlor for some new tattoos, taking shots with fans in Chicago bars and stopping for impromptu roadside photo sessions with fans.

We all know Louis Tomlinson is a bad, bad boy, but did you know the One Direction hottie was also a bad student? Tomlinson has admitted he did not apply himself at school, even having to repeat his final exams after botching his performance.

It seems the soccer-loving star was more interested in Doncaster Rovers games and “late night Donny missions” than hitting the books, and it’s possible that part time work also ate up some of his study time — Louis reportedly worked for his favorite club as a hospitality waiter, according to Billboard.

But surely his teachers would remember the charming, sassy star fondly?

A former teacher of the sexy One Direction star has just posted an image of himself with Louis on his website. The Doncaster schoolteacher matches Louis Tomlinson in the cheekiness department, writing that while he remembers Tomlinson’s best friend Stan, he has no idea what “the lad on the left” has been up to since he left school.

The shade is all in good fun, and is accompanied by a smiling picture of Louis with Stan and the Doncaster educator, all posing together.

At least Louis’ teacher acknowledged the fit star’s “laddishness.” Lad is one of Louis’ favorite terms, and he can sometimes be heard taking subtle digs at his best friend Liam Payne, implying that his well-spoken bandmate, who is not known for partying as hard as Louis, is an “aspiring lad.”

Louis burned “aspiring lad” Liam in a very indirect and probably unknowing way when he posted a picture of himself with a tiny sibling recently and captioned it “Buzzing with this photo of me and the little lad,” implying that for all his dedicated efforts, Liam Payne has been outdone by a toddler in the “lad” department.

Louis has been out and about in Doncaster, attending some games and stopping regularly to take photos with excited fans. He also took time out at Heathrow airport to chat to Directioners and several videos, including one of Louis attempting some French for the girls, surfaced on social media.

A rumor that Louis may be getting his own section on the Adidas website has also surfaced, after someone requested a Louis-themed section and an employee responded, saying he would raise the idea with the team.

Does Louis Tomlinson seem like he’s enjoying the One Direction break so far?

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]