Mitt Romney Campaign $4.6 Million Richer Since ObamaCare Ruling

Say what you will about Mitt Romney, that dude can raise money. Since the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act as constitutional, the Romney Campaign has profited comfortably to the tune of $4.6 million.

Though yesterday was undoubtedly a victory for President Obama, Mitt Romney didn’t fare too poorly himself, as the news sent countless Romney supporters scrambling for their wallets. Within hours of the announcement, Romney was already up to $200,000, with his campaign press secretary tweeting, “Romney + Victory has raised over $200k now organically since decision. #FullRepeal,” and now, in just 24 hours, he’s up to $4.6 million, according to CNN.

“In 24 hrs @MittRomney raised $4.6 million w/ 47k+ donations online. Thanks for everyone’s support for ‪#FullRepeal‬!” tweeted Andrea Saul, Romney’s press secretary, just this morning.

Though some might point out that Romney is usually in bed with the rich, busy begging for money from people who have a lot of it, 47,000 people contributed to the $4.6 million Romney is currently sitting on. Sure, that only leaves some 300,000,000 unaccounted for, but it shows a big change for the campaign, and perhaps a wider net of supporters, notes the Atlantic.

For their part, Obama’s campaign hasn’t slowed stride either. They know they still have a few rounds to go before ObamaCare is secure, and the biggest fight is the election. Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina sent out an e-mail Thursday calling the safety of ObamaCare a three-step process. Step one was getting it passed. Step two was getting it approved by the Supreme Court. Step three? “Win the damn election.”

Obama himself sent an e-mail to supporters:

“While the Supreme Court’s decision should put to rest the debate over health care, Mitt Romney and the Republicans in Congress just can’t take yes for an answer,” Obama wrote. “My opponent said a short while ago that the first thing he would try to do as president is repeal the health care law. We can’t allow that to happen. So we have to win this election.”

Curiously, the Obama campaign would not reveal what they had raised since the ruling.

Do you think that Mitt Romney is becoming a serious threat to Obama’s presidency?