Three Women Caught On Camera Beating A 51-Year-Old Homeless Man To Death Set To Stand Trial Next Week [Video]

Three Philadelphia women who were initially facing attempted murder charges are now being charged with murder for their involvement in the horrific beating death of a 51-year-old man at a gas station in Philadelphia, PA. According to WPVI-TV, the three women – identified as Aleathea Gillard, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins – were reportedly caught on camera beating a homeless man named Robert Barnes.

It has been reported that the entire altercation, which took place on Apr. 7, was actually the result of a big misunderstanding. According to Breitbart, Gilliard’s ten-year-old son reportedly became embroiled in a heated argument with Barnes. The boy would often pump gas at the local Sunoco station. But, when he arrived home late one day after falling off his bike, he reportedly told his mother Barnes was responsible for the injury. He claimed he’d been struck by a homeless Barnes, who also pumped gas at the station for tips.


Gilliard became furious about the accusations against Barnes and decided to take matters into her own hands. She, Joachim, Duggins, and three teenagers returned to the gas station to confront Barnes, but, instead of attempting to find out what occurred, Gillard opted to retaliate with physical force. The surveillance cameras captured the three women and three teenagers arriving in a van. When they exited the van, they immediately began beating Barnes in front of the gas station. Duggins allegedly struck Barnes with a hammer, which caused him to fall to the ground. Once he hit the ground, they all savagely beat him. The horrific beating led to their arrest at the gas station.

Barnes was rushed to Einstein Medical Center where he was placed in a medically-induced coma. According to, Barnes suffered multiple skull fractures and broken bones. Although he survived for quite some time, he ultimately died as a result of the injuries on Nov. 25. Now, his family is seeking answers and justice.

Following the horrific beating, Barnes mother and sister spoke out about the incident. His mother, Roseann Barnes only wanted to know how someone could confront someone in such a forceful manner without even attempting to find out whether or not the claims were true. Robert’s sister, Diane Barnes, has admitted that her brother did have a drinking problem, but she does not believe he would have struck a child.

“When he drank he could be mouthy, but he was harmless. He would never hurt anybody, he would never hurt a child, he just ran his mouth sometimes. I don’t know whether he said something they didn’t like, maybe he urinated on their property, he did a lot of that over there, you know. I don’t know… they only lived a block away. You could tell they went there with a lot of anger inside them. They just didn’t give a sh*t, these people, I mean, it’s obvious. The cameras were right in their view and they didn’t care.”


Since Barnes has died, the attempted murder charges the women initially face have been upgraded to murder. However, life in prison may not be a harsh enough sentence for Barnes’ family. His sister has made her sentiments quite clear.

“I want this mother that did this, I want her to get the death penalty. I really do, I just think it’s terrible what she did, she brought all those people down with her, she initiated it all. And you know, she went there equipped with everything she needed to do this. She knew my brother, she knew him well, they all knew my brother.”

The female murder suspects’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 30.

[Image(s) via Philadelphia Police Department]