‘Ray Lewis’ Speech To All Mothers And Grandmothers This Holiday Season — ‘Smacked In The Mouth’

This “Ray Lewis” speech is one for the books. It might cause you to double-take if you don’t know this is #NotRayLewis, as the newly-formed hashtag suggests. For all the mothers who spent hours in the kitchen over the holidays, “Ray Lewis” says this one is for you.

It’s rare that you find many Ray Lewis impersonators who can even convince the Ravens vet himself that he’s on camera. As it seems, YouTube sensation Andre Boyd has given Ray Lewis many laughs. And this “Not Ray Lewis”s address, to all the kitchen-honored mothers of the world, is no different.

The Baltimore Ravens veteran impersonator starts his video in an uncanny resemblance to Ray Lewis’ pre-game speeches and mannerisms.

“Mommas…grandmommas…you stayed up all night, sweating in that hot kitchen. [You] only got maybe three hours of sleep last night. But you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Because if it were easy, then everybody’d be doing it. But you did it!

“Now, it’s time for you to reap the benefits of your hardwork. Your hardwork is an investment, and you gotta protect your investment! Don’t let nobody else take ownership over your sacrifices. No weapon formed against yo’ kitchen shall prosper! But they think they’re gonna come in your house with a ‘Pattie LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie’ and sit down at your dining room table and eat a bowl full of cranberry…sauce.

“Do not let your hardships be disrespected! If they don’t eat your turkey, they’re getting put out! If they don’t eat your cornbread, they’re getting put out! If they don’t eat your greens, they’re getting put out! And if they don’t put gravy on top of your dressing, they’re getting SMACKED IN THE MOUTH!”

You can view the rest of the Ray Lewis impersonator’s speech in video below.

While this video was made with Thanksgiving in mind, it certainly can apply to Christmas and New Year’s since many families prepare large feasts. As it seems, Andre Boyd has created several “Ray Lewis” videos. However, the first bit to catch actual Ray Lewis’ eye was Boyd’s Halloween pep talk. During an interview on ESPN‘s “C’Mon Man” segment, it’s noted that “Andre Boyd” is actually former San Diego Charger, Travis Johnson.

Nevertheless, Ray Lewis says that his son sent him the impersonator’s video and, while watching, he literally fell out of bed laughing. Ray also mentioned that his favorite part of the video was when the impersonator said that the kids had to “trick or treat, with effort!” You can see the interview in the following video. It picks up around 1:35 into the video.

The Ray Lewis impersonator also did a video on Christmas. In this video, “Not Ray Lewis” tackled several topics. He also elaborated on the “reason for the season.” Mostly, his talk was about being thankful and concentrating efforts on making a real difference in life.

“Ray Lewis” states, “Today is a day for caring, sharing, and togetherness. Embrace those that are close to you. And sent special melodies to those afar. [Ray Lewis persona] ‘You’ve waited 364 days for this moment! 364 days! Find it within yourself to make this day greater than yourself! It’s bigger than you!'”

As Ray Lewis expresses his ideas in a passionate way, so does this impersonator. It’s as if he has studied the Baltimore Ravens veteran before every game.

If you didn’t know this was someone else, would you think it was “Not Ray Lewis”? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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