Lady Gaga Proves Once Again That She Is A True Diva With Her Outrageous Tour Rider Demands

Whether she’s dressed as a giant multi-pointed star, wearing a meat suit, or barely wearing anything at all, everyone knows Lady Gaga has a quirky fashion sense and that she adores her avant-garde wardrobe. So much so, in fact, that on her most recent tour rider for her artRave tour, Gaga has made some very specific special demands for it.

According to TMZ, who allegedly got a peek of Lady Gaga’s most recent rider, the Mother Monster has made some pretty lofty demands in regard to her wardrobe while staying at a hotel during her tour. First and foremost, Gaga asks that her wardrobe has a hotel room all to itself, with absolutely nothing in the room, according to the report.

“[The room must be] completely emptied of all furniture, beds, tables, desks… anything not permanently attached to the walls or floor to be removed.”

The room for Gaga’s clothes must also have four rolling wardrobe racks, complete with 30 hangers — both with and without clips — an iron and ironing board, four 6-foot banquet tables decked out in linens, and a clothing steam cleaner.

Lady Gaga — who is well-known for her revealing or barely-there outfits, and is no stranger to nudity — also demanded of the hotel staff that those in her entourage are not to be bothered by pesky dress codes.

“Please ensure the group is not asked to adhere to any dress code which your hotel might have.”

The Daily Mail reports that Lady Gaga’s wardrobe receives “secret service-level protection” and that Gaga’s security team is sent to the hotel two days prior to her arrival to do a sweep of the room, and make sure that there are no security threats to Lady’s precious clothes.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Lady Gaga’s outrageous tour demands. When she was being sued by her personal assistant back in 2013, court documents included a tour rider from her Monster Ball tour that showed that Gaga not only demanded that her room be adorned with silver satin sheets and posters of her favorite artists — like David Bowie, Elton John, Queen, and Billy Joel — but also that she be provided with a long list of assorted cheeses — one of which was later swapped out for a bottle of Jameson whiskey — and a mannequin sporting “puffy pink pubic hair.”

Gaga’s riders often also call for white leather couches, white wine, and assorted snacks such as salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips, as well as vegetable and fruit platters.

Nothing seems too extreme for Lady Gaga though, and those around her tend to indulge her quirks. She was certainly indulged and spoiled this Christmas, as earlier this week, a knock on the door of her Malibu home revealed quite the Christmas present from her record label Interscope’s bosses, John Janick and Steve Berman. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the songstress was gifted a beautiful, pure white horse, whom Gaga dubbed “a White Angel from heaven.”

Lady Gaga — who regularly posts pictures on Instagram of her beloved French Bulldogs Asia and Koji — is an avid animal lover, and though the horse was a surprise, she already had a stable ready for the beautiful animal on her sprawling estate.

Though Gaga and her horse have known one another for a little less than a week at this point, she says the two already share a deep connection. Lady Gaga captioned an Instagram photo of her riding the horse, “I feel like I’ve known her my whole life she wants to show me things,” and said on another picture of the horse, tucked in for the night in its stable, “[n]ight my sweet girl.”

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Image]