Deion Sanders Instagram Drama: 2 Sons Say Deion Kicked Them Out On Christmas For Ear Piercings

There’s a family drama playing out on Instagram. Deion Sanders has been at odds with his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, for quite some time now, with the latest battle featuring Deion winning his defamation case against Pilar, as reported by TMZ. According to their sons, Deion took issue with the fact that Pilar took their sons to get their ears pierced, and both Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders wrote on Instagram that their father kicked them out of his house.

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On Instagram, the sons of Sanders both posted the same image. The text of that image described how and why Deion kicked his sons out of his home.

“My dad just kicked me and Shilo out of the house on Christmas. Me and Shilo went to see our dad and to pick up Shalomi – my dad kicked me and Shilo out the house and said he wanted to spend Christmas with his son and daughter, talking about Bucky and Deiondra.”

That’s when Shedeur explained on Instagram that Deion got angry over the ear-piercing incident with Pilar. Shedeur wrote that it was pretty hypocritical for Deion to kick him and his brother out since everyone in the house had pierced ears.

“My dad was mad because we got [our] ears pierced with our mom. Everyone in the household had their ears pierced but once me and Shilo got it, it’s a problem.

“This is not cool at all I didn’t get not one present from him, but he can get all of these other people that’s not our family presents [questioning emoji face.] My so-called family showed me a lot today, so [from] now on I already know wassup.”

Prior to that Instagram post, Shilo had posted a shorter statement, almost a Haiku of sorts — albeit a sad one. Shilo described going to Deion’s house and getting thrown out of the house because he’d gone to get his ears pierced with his mother. Shilo thanked his dad for messing up his Christmas, and warned readers that everything isn’t always as it appears on Instagram.

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On his Instagram account, titled DeionSandersJr, Deion posted a photo on he love of a father,” and called himself the “greatest dad in the world!”

Sanders has also promoted the @welloffforever clothing line on Instagram pretty heavily in his recent posts. The Thursday Night Football sportscaster has been getting feedback for what “Neon Deion” Sanders’ sons both posted on Instagram about their father.

Some of those commenting on Instagram say that Pilar should be allowed to take her sons to have their ears pierced. It has been quite an acrimonious divorce between Deion and Pilar. According to TMZ, Pilar had a spend seven days in jail for not returning her sons to Deion in a timely manner. Sanders and his ex-wife agreed to bring their kids back to one another in a timely manner in their divorce agreement.

On Twitter, Deion retweeted a tweet from Tracey Edmonds — who is Sanders’ girlfriend — that spoke of remaining peaceful during the holidays and urged others to stay above drama. Beyond the bruhaha with his sons, the latest updates about Deion, as reported by TMZ, involve all the folks Sanders is praying for, including Charlie Sheen.

Deion and Tracey can be seen in various photos attending events together, such as the Selma special screening for a Legends Who Paved the Way party in Goleta, California, in December, 2014.

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