Video Of People Tripping Gets New York City Subway Stairs Fixed [VIDEO]

A New York City man’s YouTube video of his local subway exit has inspired city official’s to tape off the stairs leading out of the underground in attempt to fix a step that is literally tripping everyone up.

When filmmaker Dean Peterson noticed that something was off on the stairs leading out of the station that he uses on a daily basis, he decided to make a short video about the stairs because he was often the victim falling up the stairs. However, the video quickly caught on and was shared across blogs and video sites across the internet.

“The subway station I use every day has something very peculiar about it…Something that makes it unique from any other Subway station in the city,” the video begins.

“One of the stairs is a fraction of an inch higher than all the others, making it just high enough so that EVERYONE trips on it,” he said.

As the video continues, this minute and a half production goes on to show countless people falling victim to the disproportionate step as they make their way out of the subway. One gentleman holding a small child was even seen tripping up on the stairs, luckily catching himself before it got bad.

“My girlfriend and I would walk up all the time, and we would always trip,” Peterson told NBC.

“We just thought we were kind of klutzy. But then I kind of noticed that other people were doing it, too.”

As this video quickly spread with over 330,000 views in 12 hours, it managed to grab the attention of the MTA as calls began coming in about the step. This caused them to block off the exit at Sunset Park in preparation to make repairs to the faulty flight of stairs.

According to NBC New York, the entire staircase is being replaced and will hopefully be back in operation in the near future.

New York City Subway Stairs from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.