Hairdressers In Utah Give Homeless People The Best Christmas Gift Ever [Video]

A group of hairdressers in Utah give homeless people the best Christmas gift ever.

As far as Christmas gifts go, it can hardly get better than this!

For most people, a haircut might not sound like too tempting a Christmas gift, but for some people, it could be a thing that defines their self-worth. And this idea is what drove Mandie Barnes, a famous hairdresser residing in New York, to return all the way to her hometown in Ogden, Utah, this Christmas. Mandie wanted to do something special for members of her local community and decided to give the homeless people in Ogden a special Christmas treat.

Inspired from a YouTube video where she saw a young hairdresser give free haircuts to the homeless, she decided to ask her professional colleagues if they would want to do something similar for the people of Ogden. Initially unsure whether they would have time to spare during the holiday season, she was reluctant to approach them, but she was amazed to find out that the Christmas spirit in them was too strong to say no to such a noble cause.

“It’s a busy time of the year, so a lot of the stylists are really busy… some of them work all days — Saturdays — so it was hard to find stylists but we were able to find some really talented ones. And it is pretty cool because people pay a lot of money to get their hair cut from all these stylists, and they are just doing free cuts.”

Mandie Barnes, the celebrity hairstylist who gave many homeless people a haircut.

In fact, so many hairdressers turned up for her Christmas gift, which included giving free haircuts to the homeless, that Mandie Barnes has become a mini celebrity in her community. According to her, a simple haircut can go a long way for homeless people to feel valued and appreciated.

“I feel like a haircut can go a long way for someone. Whenever someone comes in the salon, or even here today, I just feel like a haircut gives someone that extra bit of confidence maybe to find a job or just feel good about themselves for the holidays.

“Hopefully, they’ll just feel better walking out the door than they did when they came in.”

And that is absolutely true, as the homeless people who have visited Mandie Barnes for a haircut have testified. One man said Mandie and her friends were making him feel human again.

“It is great to have a lady mess with my hair. It is pretty cool. It makes me feel human again. It is awesome. I am close to tears. Thank you so much.”

A group of hairdressers in Utah give homeless people the best Christmas gift ever.

The video of Mandie and her colleagues giving haircuts to homeless people, which you can view above, has been viewed more almost 50,000 since it was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, according to Metro. And the internet has been quick to appreciate the efforts of these hairdressers from Utah, with many going on to define it as the best Christmas gift ever.

One person wrote, “This is Christmas, not b******g about Starbucks red cups.”

While another said, “I love this idea of giving something back to the community on Christmas — sharing love is what we can do as humans. Merry Christmas everyone.”

Well said! After all, isn’t this what Christmas is all about? Mandie Barnes and her hairdresser friends have gone a long way in teaching us what a simple act of giving can do — and perhaps it will help us decide what Christmas gifts we are going to hand out this holiday season!

[Image via Circa3/YouTube]