Donald Trump Defends His Hillary Clinton Insult: ‘Schlonged’ Is A Politics Word

Donald Trump has spoken out on Twitter defending comments he made about Hillary Clinton, saying the Democratic nominee was “schlonged” by President Obama in 2008.

Barack Obama won the Democratic candidacy over favorite Hillary Clinton in 2008 with his headline-grabbing campaign, which showcased the current president’s charm and public speaking prowess, and was powered along by morale-boosting slogans like “Change we can believe in” and “Yes we can.”

Trump, who was accused of framing his latest attack on Clinton using unnecessarily vulgar and sexist language, has come forward saying that “schlonged” is an “often used word in politics.” Trump also accused the media of knowing this, implying that reporters are aware that he is guiltless but have chosen to demonize him for the sake of headlines and website-clicks.

A day earlier, Trump and Clinton had scuffled over comments Hillary made accusing Trump of aiding ISIS propaganda efforts by calling for a total ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. Trump shot back, calling his Democratic rival a “liar,'” as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Trump’s claim that “schlonged” is often used in politics sounds totally bogus, but it is possible that the real estate mogul means that such words are occasionally used during back-room discussions and informal consultations. In an era when voter demographics and political canvassing have become in-depth areas of study — when maps and voter statistics are pored over as teams plan their campaigns with the precision of military strategists — it is not difficult to imagine that informal words may get thrown around. Staffers and canvassers may reference past defeats and wins as they try to plot their own course, with a lot at stake, and a lot of money flooding the hard-working teams, who are determined to achieve certain outcomes (in this case, a presidential win).

The wisdom of using such a word during a televised rally is, of course, questionable, especially considering that the establishment-shattering Trump has been accused by the likes of veteran John McCain of being “unpresidential,” as reported by The Daily Beast.

Back in 2011, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott came under fire for a similarly inappropriate use of colloquial language. Speaking about the tragic death of an Australian soldier during a training drill, Abbott remarked that “s*** happens,” as reported by ABC.

Abbott defended his “s*** happens” remark by saying that he was using military, soldierly language of the kind used by men bonding on a battleground.

Militaristic Republican Donald Trump certainly seems like the type who would use colorful language in the backrooms and boardrooms of the political and corporate worlds, but should he get away with throwing such vulgarities around during his campaign bid for the presidency? The Independent speculates that Trump’s crassness could cost him the female vote.

“[Trump has] given female voters another reason to disdain him by putting a Yiddish term for penis (“schlong”) and Hillary Clinton in the same sentence.”

Of course, Trump’s fan base are probably not fans of Clinton anyway — those Trump-loving ladies may even enjoy hearing the Democrat attacked so heartily.

Clinton’s people have taken the high road, refusing to respond to Trump’s remarks and encouraging women voters to carefully consider who they are electing.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis came out in support of Hillary, praising the Democratic nominee for her restraint and refusal to be drawn into a flame war.

Has Donald Trump gone too far this time? Will Trump fans enjoy the new dig at Hillary Clinton?

[Photo by Charlie Neibergall/AP