See The Heartwarming Photo Prince Harry Chose For His 2015 Christmas Card

Prince Harry, like his older brother, decided to celebrate the holiday season with a Christmas card of his very own. Last week, the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge released their family Christmas card to the public, and Harry decided to follow suit with the most heartwarming of photos. See his photo of choice and message to accompany it.

Straight from Kensington Palace, Prince Harry let his subjects and fans know that he was thinking of them. In addition to the Twitter post, there was also an Instagram post with the same photo, but a different caption. It read the following.

“Merry Christmas from Prince Harry. He has chosen this photograph with Battle of Britain veteran Tom Neil for his Christmas card. Prince Harry considered it a great honour to meet Tom during the Battle of Britain flypast in September. It was one of his most memorable moments of 2015.”

This shot was taken earlier this year in September during the Battle of Britain flypast event. It shows Harry grasping the hand of the Battle of Britain veteran Tom Neil. This flypast event was the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Tom Neil turned 95-years-old this year. His age is in sharp contrast to Harry’s who turned 31-years-old on the day of the event. Still, it’s clear that Neil left a major impression on the young prince who once served as a lieutenant in the British army.

During the event, Harry planned to fly in the clouds himself, but due to poor weather conditions, he bowed out, but Neil still took to the clouds. He’s the last living ace from the Royal Air Force, which made that moment a huge honor for him.

Harry was even sure to return after the flight to personally bring Neil his walking stick. From there, the two struck up an unlikely friendship.

In addition, Harry reached out further on Tuesday morning to personalize the card sent to Tom Neil. It came with a personal message from the Prince.

The Daily Mail reached out to Neil for a personal interview. “It was a very personal card that started, “Dear Tom”,’ he said, not wanting to get too deep into the personal nature of the note.

“Prince Harry and I are great friends. He’s a lovely chap and he is so keen about everything,” he continued. “He went to Afghanistan and to Africa and he’s so interested in wildlife. He shows such enthusiasm about spitfires and the Battle of Britain. It’s a joy talking to him. If he reads this, which I’m sure he will, I’d like him to know I’m delighted to be on his Christmas card.”

Neil also recalled some of the details from the experience during the Battle of Britain flypast. “He welcomed me,” he told reporters. “He was so welcoming, as another aviator. He was proud, he was very charming in every respect.’

Prince Harry recently visited Africa on official business. During his time there, he made many public appearances, including this photo opportunity where he shook the hand of Nelson Mandela's grandson. He also had time to grow an impressive beard, which is showcased in his Christmas photo. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Each card has it’s own personal style and charm, and Prince Harry’s card is icing on the cake for the whole family.