‘RHOBH’ Yolanda Foster Speaks Of ‘New Beginnings’ Amid Lyme Disease Fakery Claims, Divorce From Husband David

Yolanda Foster is looking forward to “new beginnings.”

Ahead of the sixth season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster and her husband of four years, David Foster, announced they were headed for divorce, and ever since, Yolanda Foster has continued to struggle with symptoms of Lyme disease, which appear to have taken a hold of her life. However, despite the mother of three’s ongoing illness, Yolanda Foster is staying positive and looking forward to a healthier future.

“Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free…….. #WindowsToMyWorld #Home #NewBeginnings,” Yolanda Foster wrote in the caption of a December 22 Instagram photo, which featured a photo from her new home.

Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, just months after she and David tied the knot. Then, in late 2014, Yolanda Foster suffered a relapse, which left her unable to read, write and watch television, and around that same time, she and David chose to list their Malibu home in hopes of downsizing. However, due to the home not selling until months later, Yolanda Foster was forced to relocate to a condo while she awaited the home’s sale.

As fans have seen on the show, Yolanda Foster has been spotted in the home on a number of occasions, and was able to better concentrate on her health due to the home’s much smaller size.

During last week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster’s illness became a hot topic for her co-stars at a party celebrating the birthday of Ken Todd at his and Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills home, which they’ve named Villa Rosa. At the party, Taylor Armstrong sat next to Lisa Rinna, and expressed her questions in Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease diagnosis, claiming to be confused by her Instagram posts.

On December 15, following last week’s show, Yolanda Foster took to her blog, where she reacted to claims made against her.

“Maybe it should anger me, but instead it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can’t be heard,” Yolanda Foster wrote. “Those of you who have experienced chronic illness, you know what I’m talking about. What defines suffering? You will never hear someone who’s walked in my shoes speak the way Taylor spoke on tonight’s episode. I truly hope she never has to experience the journey she questions me for sharing.”

Yolanda Foster went on to address Armstrong’s claims of her “happy selfie, sick selfie,” saying that each day is different as she continues her battle against the illness. She also said she will continue to chronicle her treatments and experiences on social media.

Since her 2012 diagnosis, Yolanda Foster has done a number of things to try and get herself healthy. She’s even traveled to a number of countries and removed the metal from her teeth (in an effort to rid her body of high mercury levels) as well as her breast implants. Still, she hasn’t yet been cured, despite reports.

On Twitter, in response to recent rumors, Yolanda Foster addressed a fan, updating her followers about her health and confirming she has not yet beaten the illness.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret]