WWE News: Updates On Why WWE Decided Against Turning Roman Reigns And Dean Ambrose Heel

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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns might finally be getting fans on his side, but it was not always that easy for him. Some fans still do not like him, and others are on the fence. While he has done better and fans are more inclined to believe in him, the problem he used to have was much worse. The situation was the opposite for his buddy Dean Ambrose, who the fans have loved and continue to love. Yet WWE was considering an idea at one point to turn one of them heel.

If you recall, there were rumors going out all over the place around the time of the WWE Survivor Series that WWE could turn either one of them. The main reason for this was due to the lack of top heels. Due to Seth Rollins going down to a serious injury, WWE lost their only real main event level heel, so they had to do something. That led WWE to use Sheamus in the role, who only seemed to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title around a month before losing it to the man he cashed in on at Survivor Series when Roman Reigns regained the World Heavyweight Championship last week on WWE RAW.

So why did WWE not turn someone heel and decide to go with Sheamus as the random heel tossed into the mix? According to Daily Wrestling News, Triple H was strongly in favor of turning Reigns or Ambrose heel, but Vince McMahon blocked the change from occurring. The idea for Sheamus was that he was put into the position he was in as a way to put Reigns over as a top tier babyface, which seemed to work to some extent.

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Although Vince McMahon was not in favor of a heel turn for Reigns or Ambrose at the time, he may budge on this eventually. The idea among many fans and wrestling writers is that with all the injuries occurring in WWE, Vince may be forced to turn someone in a major way in an effort to push a big WrestleMania storyline. Most of the current talent out with injuries will be back by the summer. Vince could be thinking that he might turn someone closer to that time, but with WrestleMania only a few months away, he clearly needs to consider his options.

While Dean Ambrose seems to be a born heel, fans love him far too much for Ambrose to ever get over as a heel, no matter what horrible acts he may commit. WWE has built him into a resilient guy who can take lots of punishment and still manage to give some back in return. WWE has also managed to make him into a credible Intercontinental Champion, which everyone knew he would be the moment he had an opportunity.

The main problem for Ambrose was always being given an opportunity to prove his incredible potential. For a long time, WWE had issues with knowing how to book him. They now seem to know what direction they want to go with Dean, but fans won’t be surprised if he has nothing major to do in a few months.

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When it comes to Roman Reigns, fans have wanted him to turn for a long time and still feel that he is best suited to be a heel, at least for the time being, as he fits the role well. He could actually end up getting fans on his side more if he turned heel and by the time he turns babyface again, it would be an easy transition that fans would appreciate. Vince feels Reigns is their next big face, and he will take over as WWE’s main guy from John Cena.

WWE is still using Cena as much as they can but not nearly as much as they have in the past. Cena is helping to elevate younger talent, however, which is a good thing for the company. On top of this, he is getting good reviews for his acting and actually ended up appearing in three movies this year. In two of the films, Cena was a supporting actor. He is also set to be part of a reality show that will debut next year on FOX.

The problem WWE has right now when it comes to turning anyone is when and how to do it. Plus, who would be perfect for the turn? The bigger question is, who could they see as their next big top heel in a time when they need to start picking those guys out? We will have to wait and see what becomes of everything. However, do not be surprised if WWE starts making some decisions by early next year.

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