Poll: Americans Trust Obama Over Romney To Handle Alien Invasion

Dusten Carlson

Americans are fairly divided on President Obama's handling of important issues like the economy, but there's at least one thing that they trust him to do, especially over rival Mitt Romney - handle an alien invasion.

According to a new National Geographic poll, a total of 65% of Americans think that President Barack Obama is better-equipped to handle an alien invasion than presidential hopeful and Republican rival Mitt Romney, according to AFP. Breaking down the poll itself shows that alien invasion is more than a hypothetical musing for NG readers. Roughly 36% said that they were certain of the existence of UFOs, 11% claimed to have personally seen one, and 20% said that they knew someone who had seen one. So when they picked the sitting-president to wage war on our extra-terrestrial invaders, they did so in good, honest faith.

For the survey, National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults all over the United States over the course of May to promote the channel's new cable television documentary series "Chasing UFOs." National Geographic Channel said that the poll's results and the online survey correlated nicely with the research presented in "Chasing UFOs". The show premieres Friday and will feature Texas and Colorado residents describing personal encounters with unknown flying objects.

Other "fun facts" about the poll, from Newser: 71% of respondents think that aliens are more likely to exist than superheroes, vampires, or zombies, and that the public's superhero-of-choice to take on alien invaders is the Hulk (I'm sure 2012's The Avengers had absolutely nothing to do with that one). The Hulk's 21% rating beat out Batman's 12% and Spider-Man's 8%.

I'd go with Batman.

What do you think of National Geographic's Obama/alien invasion poll? Would you have picked Romney?