Children Of Josh Duggar Miss Their Daddy, According To Sources, Will They Get A Christmas Surprise Visit?

Josh Duggar has been in rehab for his sexual addiction since August, and has been away from his family for a while now. While many critics are obviously harsh on the eldest son of the Duggars, the reality of this situation is that his four kids probably have no idea why their father is not around anymore.

Michael, Mackenzie, Marcus, and Meredith Grace are way too young to fully understand the gravity of what their daddy has done. The only thing they may know at this point is that things have drastically changed in their once two-parent family. Instead of being in their own home, they are now staying with their Grandma and Grandpa Duggar, along with the rest of their extended family. Even though they are probably having fun and constant companionship, one person that they adore is not included in their family activities right now.

According to an exclusive report from People, Josh Duggar’s children are missing him terribly. An unnamed source dished to them about what is going on with Anna and her kids that she is raising on her own until her husband gets out of rehab. The source said that that they keep asking where their daddy is.


Of course, that is usually the case when a parent is abruptly taken out of the picture for various reasons. Michael, Mackenzie, and Marcus are certainly no exception. Five-month-old Meredith Grace is way too young to recognize that her daddy is gone. She was only a month old when he got caught in the Ashley Madison hack, and news spread that he had cheated on Anna Duggar.

Even all that she has been through, Anna is still standing by her unfaithful husband, as seen on the second installment of Jill and Jessa: Counting On this past weekend. She told the world that she is waiting for Josh and that she is praying that their marriage can be restored.

Her four kids are not the only ones who are missing Josh Duggar. Anna also admitted on the reality show that she misses having her husband around.

With the holidays coming up quickly, it is unclear as to whether Josh will be able to spend time with his family. It seems to be doubtful that he will be getting out of the rehab facility for Christmas. The source that apparently spilled to People mentioned that they would be surprised if that should happen.

“I don’t think he’s going to be back for Christmas. I would be surprised. There would be a huge elephant in the room.”

Duggar kids having fun. (Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter) Duggar kids having fun. [Photo by Jessa Seewald/Twitter]This meaning that if Josh Duggar should possibly be able to leave to go home for the holiday, it may mean that it would make for an uncomfortable situation for some of the other members of the family right now.

This would certainly be a Christmas surprise for the Duggar family. The four kids would love to have their dad home, but they may be totally disappointed. An alternative would be that Anna would take her kids to see Josh in the rehab facility. It is unclear whether Michael, Mackenzie, or Marcus has been there yet to see him. The source said that the baby has made the trip to Illinois with her mom last month when John David flew them to pay Josh a visit. In fact, Anna Duggar was apparently heard saying that those were “the best three days of her life.”


It sounds like the family is praying that the Duggar boy will get the help he needs to be able to come back to his wife and kids as a different person. However, some of the family may need more time. According to the new three-part TLC show, the older Duggar kids said that they have forgiven their brother, but they now don’t trust him like they did, nor do they look up to him any longer.

Do you think Josh Duggar will be able to go home to be with his family for Christmas?

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