Miley Cyrus And Pamela Anderson Join Forces And The Result Is…Muddled

Miley Cyrus still seeks to shock and dismay, but it now seems that she’s enlisted the help of another social misfit in her antics. Pamela Anderson joined the pop singer on stage for one of her recent concerts; and, while the reason for her visit on Miley’s stage was certainly a moment to remember, it’s difficult to say just what purpose was served by the routine.

What Do Unicorn Horns, Fake Breasts, Strap-Ons, And Pamela Anderson All Have In Common?

Probably nothing, other than being found together on stage at a Miley Cyrus concert. The unicorn horns, fake breasts, and strap-ons are nothing new to Cyrus fans. They have been a part of every concert, since Miley began her Dead Petz tour, officially called The Milky, Milky Milk tour. Pamela Anderson, on the other hand, is new and rather confusing addition.

Imagine Miley dancing around on stage in the aforementioned get up, while dancers, dressed as life-sized pizzas, join in on the fun. That mental image alone is visually stunning to say the least, but there’s more to come.

Now, this troupe of performers is joined by none other than Pamela Anderson. The former wife of Mötley Crue’s Tommy Lee joins the Cyrus entourage dressed in a slinky black outfit with shorts riding high enough up her thigh to reveal Pamela’s “No Captivity” tattoo. In keeping with her theme, Anderson carries with her a homemade, “Save The Whales” sign.

Pamela Anderson Takes Every Opportunity To Share Her Message

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson shows off her written message for animal rights. Image via Instagram/Pamela Anderson.

While the message Anderson may have been trying to send at the Cyrus concert was almost certainly lost amid the dancing pizzas and phallic symbols, she should be given some credit for her efforts. For years now, Anderson has been involved with wildlife conservation organizations and she most recently joined the board of directors at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The organization announced that Pamela Anderson will be playing an active part in their mission to protect ocean wildlife; although, no mention was made as to just how active a role Anderson would be playing.

At the moment, Anderson’s primary concern seems to be the safety of whales, which are reportedly being hunted to extinction. The former Baywatch actress condemned Japan recently for their announcement that they have sent a large-scale whaling fleet to Antarctica with the goal of killing 333 Minke whales for research purposes.

“If the whales are not safe from illegal whaling in the remote wilderness of their Antarctic sanctuary, where are they safe?” asked Pam Anderson in her condemnation of Japan’s actions.

Thus far, Japan’s only comment has been that they view the slaughter as “scientifically reasonable.”

Some may doubt Anderson’s intentions, or even her ability to dedicate herself to the cause, but the expression of her thoughts on the subject proves she’s far more informed than some may assume. As she speaks at a public engagement, Pam’s own words prove she understands the deadly seriousness of her passion.

“Japan is now headed to the Southern Ocean, where its deadly industrial whaling fleet will hunt highly intelligent and socially complex whales in their internationally recognized sanctuary, in defiance of both the International Court of Justice and the Australian Federal Court.”

Anderson goes on to describe her efforts with the Sea Shepherd Society in the Faroe Islands, where the mass killings of various species of whales is a critical problem. Even though the Australian government has already fined one Japanese whaling company £460,000 for hunting in protected waters, the Japanese government insists that the species being hunted are not on the endangered species list.

This is the mess Pamela Anderson has thrust herself into, so maybe she felt right at home on stage with Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz.

[Photos by Kevin Winter, Frazier Harrison/Getty Images]