Are Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Getting Married Or Questioning Relationship?

Fans have been wondering about the state of Taylor Swift’s relationship with DJ Calvin Harris. It doesn’t help matters when the couple is hardly seen out and about, especially at public events or on each other’s social media pages. According to a new report, even the couple feels deeply confused about their relationship.

It appears that Taylor Swift, 26, and Calvin Harris, 31, will discuss the state of their relationship over the holidays, an inside source told Britain’s Grazia magazine (via the Belfast Telegraph). Swift and Harris were willing to gush about one another in interviews, but sources close to the couple say that their relationship has hit a bump in the road. What’s made matters worse is that Swift was on her 1989 World Tour, while Harris was busy performing DJ gigs around the globe.

“Calvin and Taylor barely see each other face-to-face at the moment, and they’re starting to question if they make it to the next year.”

Now that Swift’s successful 1989 World Tour has come to an end, she’ll be able to spend more quality time with her man. Swift and Harris were recently spotted at Apple executive Jimmy Iovine’s Christmas-themed birthday party in Malibu, California. The musicians posted with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause, and looked at ease with one another. But sources say that Swift and Harris hope to resolve any differences they may have in their relationship.

“They are both looking forward to taking time out from their busy schedules to assess everything. Taylor, in particular, wants to make sure they’re both on the same page. They’re expected to spend some time together before celebrating with their respective families. They want to make it work but, at the same time, neither of them wants to really feel like they’re forcing it. It’s going to be a really testing time.”

The “Bad Blood” singer has revealed to NME magazine back in October that she plans to take a well-deserved break after her 1989 World Tour. That was soon followed by rumors that claim Swift wants to take three years off from making music instead of the usual two-year break she takes in between albums.

Rumors have also been swirling that the couple may already be engaged and will share the exciting news on Christmas Eve. According to a Life & Style report, Taylor and Calvin have already told their close friends and family that they’re ready to tie the knot. The report then claims that the wedding plans aren’t set in stone as of yet, but Taylor is ready to walk down the aisle at any given time.

But another source gave the scoop on the state of the couple’s relationship to the Hollywood Life. Swift and Harris are not planning to end things, nor are they planning to get married anytime soon. They just want to enjoy though moment even though they know what they want in the future.

“No breakup is going to happen. No engagement is imminent, but they have told each other that it ends with them and they will get married.”

The couple, who started dated in February, are looking forward to spending more time with each other now that Swift’s world tour ended, another source told the Hollywood Life. The alleged source shared what the couple plans to do now that they finally get some alone time away from their fans, friends, and family.

“They want to make up for lost time. The two want to spend a week in bed together because they’ve really missed being a couple, and really missed their intimacy with one another.”

But Taylor doesn’t want to spend all of her time with Calvin. A third source told the Hollywood Life that she would love to double date with her BFF Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend Niall Horan. It was previously assumed that she had a hand in the couple’s pairing.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Do you think the couple will walk down the aisle, someday? Sound off below in the comments section.

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