Ultherapy Cost, Reviews And Controversy: Fat Loss, Pain Reports Flood 'Real Self'

For those beauty experts who love learning about the latest and greatest beauty treatments to help folks keep their youthful glow, Ultherapy is a word that's been on plenty of lips for quite some time now. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ultherapy receives more than 22,000 searches per month via Google, likely from thousands of folks searching for ways that Ultherapy can improve their appearances.

With Ultherapy promising to help improve slightly saggy skin by rejuvenating collagen and tightening the skin, Ultherapy sounds, on the surface, like the perfect way to take advantage of ultrasound laser-like benefits to look more youthful. Not as invasive as a facelift, Ultherapy is often used on the forehead, near the eyebrows, on the entire face, the decolletage and the chin and neck to try and tighten saggy skin in those areas.

ultherapy reviews
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As reported by MSN, Kim Kardashian used Ultherapy and she wasn't the only celebrity to try the procedure. Jennifer Aniston used Ultherapy as well, reported E! Online. Reports from women who've undergone Ultherapy prove that some of them love the results they received after getting their Ultherapy treatments.

As seen on an Ultherapy YouTube channel, there are glowing reviews from plenty of people who have received the Ultherapy treatment.

Turning to Real Self, however, a website known for NSFW breast job photos and feedback from patients on all sorts of beauty treatments and plastic surgery results, the reviews of Ultherapy contain troubling ones that speak of the longterm effects of Ultherapy.

Again, some of those Ultherapy reviews are glowing and lovely, calling Ultherapy well worth the cost -- while others are average Ultherapy reviews that aren't sure if Ultherapy was worth the price and reported pain of the procedure.

Outside of the reviews found on Real Self, an article titled "I Sent My Mom for Ultherapy Instead of a Facelift" published by Yahoo News, described how writer Bryce Gruber tricked her mother into getting a really special facial that turned out to be an Ultherapy session instead. The before and after photos of Gruber's lovely mom have been met with plenty of comments from folks who honestly write that they can't see a big difference in the "after" photo, taken one month after the Ultherapy session. Other people have commented that the before photo taken prior to the Ultherapy session looks better, whilst others note the different lighting and head positioning in the photos make it difficult to compare the true benefits of Ultherapy.

With prices ranging from $1,750 for a full lower face Ultherapy session and upwards, Ultherapy is a treatment that many are hoping really works.

Reviews like "Skin Feels Really Weird After Ultherapy - Los Angeles, CA" written by Real Self user pat4567, who paid $1,900 in Los Angeles, California, claim that Ultherapy isn't worth the cost. Other Ultherapy reviews, such as the "Don't Ever Get Ultherapy - Cincinnati, OH" written by Real Self user ambergirl424, report that she paid $2,600 for an Ultherapy session that aged her skin.

[Image via Real Self]
[Image via Real Self]

Not all of the Ultherapy reviews are so dire; although, the ones that claim their skin is thinner and that they've lost fat in their face that they didn't want to lose are scary enough. Other reviews claim Ultherapy is amazing, such as one reviewer out of Lynwood, Washington, who paid $3,000 for Ultherapy called her sessions.

Another 48-year-old who was looking for a "subtle uplift" with Ultherapy called her $3,500 Ultherapy procedure out of Jacksonville, Florida, well worth the cost.

The reviews such as "Ultherapy Caused Droop on Right Side of Mouth - Fresno, CA" and "Ultherapy ruined my face" are among the most troubling of the bad Ultherapy reviews.

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