‘Teen Mom OG’ Feud: Farrah Abraham Versus Co-Stars

Teen Mom OG is already full of drama and it has yet to begin airing. In just a few weeks, the show will return with the four original Teen Mom stars, all of them battling their own demons. Farrah Abraham was reluctant to return last time, but appeared near the end of filming. At that moment, it was clear her castmates had grown uncomfortable with her. Maci Bookout had refused to film for Teen Mom OG if Abraham was going to be a part of the show. Fast forward several months now, and it appeared all of the girls would be able to get along for another season. As it turns out, that just isn’t the case.

It looks like the Teen Mom OG girls are about to be wrapped up in a feud, one the majority started when they made a video about Farrah Abraham. Clearly there have been differences among the women and the three girls bonded without Abraham. According to US Weekly, a video was made by Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, and Kailyn Lowry and it dissed Abraham. In fact, she was called names like “b**ch” and “f**king h**bag ” while the girls laughed. When she caught news of what her co-stars had done, she responded with name calling using hashtags. It seems this is just the tip of the iceberg with these women from Teen Mom OG.


Now that Teen Mom OG is going to begin airing in just a little over two weeks, the stars are beginning to be more vocal. It has never been a secret that they don’t get along, but they aren’t even attempting to fake it. A lot of the problems seem to stem from the diva-like behavior that Farrah Abraham displays. Recently the trailer for Teen Mom OG was released and showed Abraham acting out against a staff member, including cursing at him and calling the show “trashy.” Several of the Teen Mom women from the franchise spoke out about the crude behavior, most notably Leah Messer. While Abraham may need to get her act cleaned up a bit, the others ganging up on her like that was not the best way to teach her a lesson.

The Teen Mom OG co-stars have decided to answer Farrah Abraham’s post. According to Radar Online, Abraham shared the video on social media and she garnered responses from Amber Portwood and Catelynn Baltierra. It appears the ladies are not ashamed by what they said regarding their co-star and may even be proud of calling her out. This was a bit shocking because while it has always been clear where Maci Bookout and Baltierra stood on the subject of Abraham, Amber Portwood never seemed to take a side. It seems that she has just had enough of her as well.

After seeing the Teen Mom OG trailer with Farrah Abraham acting out, many have called for her to be fired from the show. She has made it clear over and over again she makes money doing other things, so many believe she doesn’t even need to be participating. Since the original Teen Mom began airing, many things have changed. Abraham wasn’t always as disliked by the cast members. There was a turning point when she began working in the adult business and the other ladies became uncomfortable with it. That was a huge reason for Maci Bookout pulling her son Bentley from Teen Mom OG last season when Abraham returned.


The new season of Teen Mom OG returns on Jan. 4 on the MTV network. As the next few weeks pass, expect more drama from the ladies. There is never a dull moment between the original Teen Mom girls. Drama is coming and the next season of Teen Mom OG is one you won’t want to miss!

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