Trump Supporters Want To Bomb 'Aladdin's' Agrabah

America may finally have found someone crazier than Donald Trump: his supporters.

A new poll found 41 percent of Donald Trump supporters were in favor of bombing Agrabah, the fictional city in Disney's Aladdin, because of the national security threat it represented.

A Public Policy Poll conducted earlier this week by phone discovered 30 percent of Republicans endorsed the idea of attacking Aladdin's hometown, 13 percent opposed the idea, while 57 percent weren't sure.

We're not sure what Princess Jasmine would think of her home being destroyed, but many Americans thought it was both the funniest and the scariest thing they've heard. They took to social media to express their disbelief that so many of their countrymen wanted to destroy the fictional city of Agrabah.

Republicans weren't just worried about the city of mystery and enchantment, however.

They also believed Trump's statement that he saw thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering as the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001; a whopping 36 percent.

New Jersey officials and residents have both repeatedly denied this ever happened, but that hasn't stopped it from entering the imagination of millions of Republicans.

A majority of Republicans also agreed with Trump's desire to completely ban all Muslims from entering the United States, with 54 percent.

It's not clear if this is constitutional and a White House spokesman has said this statement disqualifies Donald from being president.

Many Republicans also supported Trump's idea to create a comprehensive database to monitor the movement of all Muslims in the country, at 46 percent.

That's probably why Trump has taken such a commanding lead in the Republican primaries, he's at 34 percent with a double-digit lead over second place Ted Cruz with 18 percent. His extremist ideas have hit a chord with many Americans who fear for their safety in the aftermath of the San Bernardino mass shootings that claimed the lives of 14 Americans.

Trump's supporters are so concerned for their safety that almost a quarter of them support the idea of outlawing Islam in the United States, and 41 percent said Japanese internment during WWII was a good idea.

To be fair, 19 percent of Democrats also wanted to wipe the desert city of Agrabah off the map, 13 percent were opposed, and 57 percent weren't sure.

The PPP has a history of asking ridiculous questions; they've polled God's approval rating and asked about the fictional company in the TV series The Office. A 2011 question also compared Obama's electability to Charlie Sheen.

The fact that so many Americans supported bombing the fictional city of Agrabah shouldn't be so concerning because most people simply guess on surveys when they're not sure of the answer, according to the Washington Post.

What is of concern is that so many people are ready to go to war even though they aren't sure of the facts involved.

This is doubly true about Donald Trump supporters who are drawn from the least educated group of Americans, according to the USA Today. In fact, 40 percent of Republicans without college degrees support "The Donald" while only 19 percent of college graduates support him.

Their lack of political knowledge could also explain why so many conservative Republicans support Trump when he has been so liberal in the past.

Whatever the reason for his popularity, Trump has certainly riled the 2016 presidential election, and his presence will continue to impact the political realm for years to come.

[Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]