Carrie Fisher: 5 Of Her Best Non-'Star Wars' Movies

Carrie Fisher will never be able to escape the "curse" of Princess Leia (or Leia Organa, if you will), and that may not be such a bad thing considering the original Star Wars movies are some of the most beloved of all time.

However, what many causal fans of the series fail to realize is that Fisher's film career is a much richer one than the three films for which she is most known would indicate.

Since starring in the 1977 original, Fisher has stayed busy as a writer and an actress. Her resume per IMDb, includes television appearances, voice-work, and a steady stream of starring and supporting roles in feature films.

Throughout the process of preparing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Carrie Fisher has offered advice to the series' newest female star, Daisy Ridley, but perhaps the best example she can set for Ridley is in what she has already accomplished on the big screen.

Here are five of the best non-Star Wars Carrie Fisher movies. See if you agree.

The Blues Brothers (1980)

The Blues Brothers was the first film starring Carrie Fisher after the enormous success of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Both films came out in the same year, and while the role of Mystery Woman was considerably more supportive of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd than center stage, it showed her ability to stretch beyond the serious/campy mix of her sci-fi mega-series.

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Carrie Fisher starred as April in the critically-acclaimed Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters. While she isn't the film's star, she has a substantial role and demonstrates her ability to branch out beyond her star-faring claim to fame. In the clip above, watch Fisher, Dianne Wiest, and Sam Waterston on an eye-opening tour of New York.

Appointment with Death (1988)

This post-Return of the Jedi outing for Carrie Fisher presented her with the opportunity to test both her comedic and dramatic ranges in a film adaptation of the beloved book by Agatha Christie. Fisher stars as Nadine Boynton, who falls under suspicion when her mother ends up dead. Michael Winner directed the film, which boasts a star-studded ensemble including Peter Ustinov and Lauren Bacall.

The 'Burbs (1989)

Outside of her legendary bikini scene in Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher may not have been any more stunning than she is in the hilarious comedy-mystery hit The 'Burbs starring Tom Hanks. The film also gave her the chance to work with Gremlins' director Joe Dante and the great Bruce Dern. The story centers on an overworked suburbanite (Hanks), who suspects his neighbors are cannibals. Fisher is great as Hanks' strong-willed wife.

When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

The same year that she turned heads in The 'Burbs, Carrie Fisher appeared in the year's biggest romantic comedy opposite Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Starring as the character of Marie, Sally's best friend, Fisher's shining moment was in the bad double date dinner sequence shown above. This version of Fisher is reserved, down-to-earth, and far from the zany, outspoken, and somewhat raunchy media darling that fans everywhere have grown to love in the wake of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens marketing.

With the latest Star Wars opening worldwide today (Dec. 18), it's likely that fans will get the chance to fall in love with Carrie Fisher all over again.

If you're someone who just can't get enough, consider going back and checking some of her past catalog.

Which Carrie Fisher flicks (other than Star Wars) do you believe to be the best? Share your picks in the comments section below.

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