Couple Buys $4.2 Million Home, Destroys It To Improve Their View

Forget a million dollar view, try a $4.2 million view. That’s the amount of money Clark Winslow and his wife Sharon Winslow threw down on a new home which they have already begun to destroy to create a new backyard.

The couple had purchased their first Marin County home in 2008 for $19 million and the only thing standing between their beautiful skyline view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge was a neighboring property. So when that property which originally sold in 2004 for $7 million came up at foreclosure auction the company pounced on the chance to buy it.

After the purchase was completed the couple announced plans to replace the mansion with bushes and trees.

In all fairness the couple didn’t really need another five-bedroom house, they already have a 11,200 square foot home.

Marin County has the highest per-capita income of any county in the United States which explains why local residents in Belvidere, California have supported the decision to tear down a mansion they call “pretty beat up.”

Located at 333 Belvedere street the adjacent home will now give the Winslow’s the large back yard they have always wanted for their property.

Crews in the meantime have been performing demolition work for weeks, a large task given the size of the home in question.

In the meantime I’m sure most of our readers would take a “beat up” mansion any day over their own homes. Do you think $4.2 million along with demolition and landscaping costs was too much to pay for a new backyard?