Woman Makes Shocking Discovery When She Finds Badly Decomposed Frog In Her Salad

A super-fit athletic woman from Manchester went public with her story after making a shocking discovery of finding a badly decomposed frog in her salad, according to the Mirror. In May of this year, Louise Rudd, 41, of Cheadle was having a splendid evening with her 12-year-old son, Aran, and her husband, Phil, having lunch at Parrs Wood restaurant in East Didsbury.

However, the day went awry when Rudd, who won gold at the World Masters Championship this past summer, made a shocking discovery after ordering a Nando's salad. As she was approaching the end of her salad, a badly decomposed frog came into view. Rudd stated that she knew it was a "frog because it was whole and it was all spread out – it was obvious." Before she was able to alert the managers at the restaurant, she had to rush to the lavatory as she begin to feel disgusted and ill.

Her husband became ill, as well, after seeing the black, rotting amphibian in her salad, but it didn't seem to have any effect on her son as he continued eating his meal.

Rudd stated that seeing the decomposed frog resting at the bottom of her salad bowl was absolutely "horrendous." When the restaurant's management team learned that there was a frog in her salad, it was sent to a laboratory, where scientists concluded that it was a European frog in an "advanced state of decay." It was also stated that the only way that the frog could have possibly gotten into her salad was from the "Skelmersdale-based factory Salads To Go which produces the pre-packed salad."

Although the woman was disgusted by the decomposed frog being in her salad, her main concern was her health. According to the Manchester Evening News, she "was right in the middle of my training. I had no idea what kind of frog it was. It makes me sick to think about it." She went on to say, "If I'd been ill, it would have had massive implications and floored my training routine."

After discovering the badly decomposed frog in her salad, the restaurant offered to give her a free meal, but Rudd refuses to eat another meal at Parrs Wood restaurant, takng the chances of discovering yet another surprise in her salad. She told reporters that she has yet to return to the restaurant nor have she consumed another pre-packed salad as she fears the incident may reoccur since "Salads To Go supply them to lots of supermarkets and chains. A lot of my friends won't go back either."

However, she added that her "12-year-old son Aran went back though. Nando's paid for him and nine friends to go to the cinema and then back to the restaurant for a meal." She added that she "also went to the factory in Skelmersdale with someone from Nando's. I asked Salads To Go what they had done to stop things happening like this again."

After Rudd discovered the decomposed frog in her salad, she said, "You have to laugh about it, but there is a serious message and people need to be aware."

After the incident, Nando's spokesperson released a statement saying, "We make every effort to ensure that our food is served to the highest standard. As soon as Louise Rudd let us know about the problem with her salad back in May, we launched a full investigation with our salad supplier and as a result of this they have introduced additional inspections. We continue to work with all of our suppliers to ensure that they deliver to the quality and standards we expect."

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