Jimmy Fallon Takes ‘Any Opportunity To Make A Hemsworth Brother Look Less Attractive’

Jimmy Fallon is at it again — scooter racing that is — but this time, he is racing Santa’s sleigh with none other than Chris Hemsworth. While on the Tonight Show on Thursday night, the Daily Mail reports that Hemsworth talked about his new movie In The Heart Of The Sea, in which he plays the part of sailor Owen Chase, who gets stranded at sea with his shipmates.

During the interview, Jimmy Fallon brought out the new Vanity Fair magazine, which features Hemsworth on the cover. Fallon also brought up how brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth seems to enjoy defacing each other’s cover photos.

Chris did so with his brother Liam’s Men’s Health cover and posted it to Instagram.

Then a few days later, Liam posted his own version of Chris’ Vanity Fair cover.

Aside from talking about the new movie and the Hemsworth brothers’ artistic abilities, Daily Mail also reports that Jimmy Fallon challenged Chris Hemsworth to a Santa’s sleigh race, and Fallon won! Before the race began, Fallon made a joke about the hats they were required to wear for the race.

“We also have these very special Santa helmets because any opportunity to make a Hemsworth brother look less attractive we will take.”

Hemsworth lost the race because he failed to make a turn at the right time. The clip of the race is hilarious.

The night before Hemsworth appeared on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Amy Poehler. The Wall Street Journal reports that the pair played “Truth or Truth,” in which they had to tell the absolute truth when asked a question. In response to what was her biggest fear, Poehler had a great reply.

“Easy. Being mistaken for J.Lo, then being asked to dance – and dancing better than J.Lo. And J.Lo being angry. I don’t want J.Lo to be angry at me.”

Then Poehler asked Jimmy to name one place he never had sex. His answer was truly hilarious.

“In my 20s.”

But according to Esquire, Poehler’s absolute best moments on the Tonight Show happened during the commercial break when she and Jimmy Fallon just chatted away like old friends – which they are. The two really let it all hang out in their conversation.

Jimmy Fallon also spoke about Poehler’s new movie, Sisters, in which she stars alongside Tina Fey. Hollywood Reporter reports that Fallon started to mention that Sisters comes out the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, something Poehler and Fey made a video about, when Poehler interrupted him to go on a bit of a comedic rant about the situation.

“Does it? You know what, Jimmy? That’s a problem. We’ve got to get on the press wagon. We’ve got to get a car with a megaphone. We gotta at least get a flatbed… A chain letter or something.”

They went on to joke about the Star Wars vs. Sisters throughout the interview. Even when Jimmy Fallon asked Poehler to set up a clip of Sisters, she joked.

“This clip is, I think, the Tatooine moon.”

Then Jimmy Fallon interrupted to correct her.

“You’re not in Star Wars. This is not Star Wars.”

But Poehler’s main point throughout the interview, with all the jokes about Sisters and Star Wars, is that people can actually go and see both movies. Hopefully they will, Amy Poehler. As for Jimmy Fallon, he is sure to see both movies. He definitely can’t miss Sisters, because he is such a big fan of Amy Poehler.

[Photos by Brad Barket, Jason Merritt, Mike Coppola/Getty Images]