Niall Horan And Selena Gomez: Fans Await News Of ‘Milkshake’ Date

One Direction star Niall Horan is strongly rumored to be dating former Disney starlet Selena Gomez, or at least that is what the gossip columns would have us believe. In recent days, the gossip columns have been running red-hot with the story that Niall and Selena are an item. The reality, of course, would seem to be very different. Niall and Selena have been seen out together on a number of occasions recently. Most recently, the Daily Mail reported that Horan and Gomez were spotted leaving the One Direction party after Sunday’s X-Factor finale.

Many of Horan’s fans simply do not buy the story that Niall and Selena are dating. In December of each year, the gossip columns run a raft of stories about a One Direction “winter girlfriend.” To be fair, in recent years, the stories have tended to feature Niall’s bandmate, Harry Styles, but this year the rumor mill is grinding out dating stories that feature Niall and Louis Tomlinson.

Niall is treading a well-worn path which links a One Direction star with a beautiful woman in December, we progress to rumors of undying love in January, and by February, it is all over. Niall’s pal, Harry, started the trend back in 2011 when the Daily Mail reported that he had hooked up with sugar-momma Caroline Flack.

In 2012, Niall took a back seat as MTV reported that Harry and Taylor Swift were love’s young dream. Again, that relationship ended in February. 2013 saw poor Niall left on the winter girlfriend shelf again as the gossip again featured Harry, this time with reality TV star Kendall Jenner. As any fan of One Direction will surely remember, last year Harry was reported to be dating model Nadine Leopold.

Of course, this year, Niall’s buddy, Louis Tomlinson, is attracting more than his fair share of column inches. On the one hand, the Mirror focuses on Louis the “love rat,” who has dumped his pregnant girlfriend just weeks before she is due to have his child. On the other hand, the Daily Mail has Louis cozying up to Originals actress Danielle Campbell.

The fact is that One Direction fans simply do not believe these winter girlfriend stories. They are too predictable in when they begin and end, and they’re too choreographed. Many fans are convinced that Niall’s reported romance will end in February, just like all the others. Many fans believe that Niall’s reported romance is a set up by One Direction’s management, just like all of the others are claimed to be.

Horan’s fans will now be waiting for the story that has Niall and Selena drinking milkshakes together. Last year, we had reports that Harry and Nadine were spotted in an L.A. milkshake outlet, and this year, we already have pictures of Louis doing the same with Danielle. No One Direction winter romance story is complete without a milkshake date.


Of course, one should never let the truth get in the way of a good rumor, but Selena has flat denied that there is any romance with Niall. According to the Sun when asked if she was dating Horan, she replied “oh my God! No.” That seems pretty clear. Selena did admit she has a bit of a soft spot for Niall when she apparently told Entertainment Tonight that “I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.” Niall’s fans won’t believe a word until they see pictures of a milkshake date.

Despite Selena denying that she and Niall are dating, the gossip columns are ablaze with stories that Niall isn’t just dating Selena, he wants to marry her. The Mail reports that Niall said that he wanted to marry Selena. Niall’s comment was made during a silly version of “Marry, Snog, Avoid” that was played as the One Direction boys appeared in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Of course, what Niall actually said was that Selena would be the one he would most like to marry out of the choices presented to him. It is unlikely that Niall’s answer will have his mom rushing out to buy a new hat for the wedding.

What do you make of the reports of Niall Horan’s reported romance? Is Horan really dating Gomez or is Niall simply this years winter girlfriend story?

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]