'The Bachelor Season 20' Fantasy League: Here's How To Play

The Bachelor Season 20 is looming on the horizon and it looks like it will be a spectacular season. Check out the trailer.

The contestants have been chosen and according to ABC News, Jimmy Kimmel has already conducted a review of each and every one of the women competing for the love of Ben Higgins. Kimmel shared some pretty funny observations about the ladies on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 8, starting with a warning to fans not to let the women's cute smiles fool them.

"Don't let those shiny, smiley, sorority photos fool you, these cheerful looking women wish each other nothing but misery and death."
Why does it seem that The Bachelor Season 20 is gearing up to be one of the best? E! Online reveals the top reasons why fans should be getting super excited to see the show this season. First off, Ben Higgins is entirely sweet, even more so than when he was a contestant on The Bachelorette.

But what about the women? Well, there is a set of twins on the show, and apparently they are "creepy." It would be something if one of them won Higgins' hand in marriage. Wouldn't that make for awkward family holiday get-togethers?

There is also one woman who is absolutely obsessed with chickens, although in what way has yet to be determined. Check out what E! Online has to say about her.

"We actually kind of love her. She's sweet, and Ben actually really seemed to like her based off of the two chicken-free minutes they spent together. Her chicken obsession is a little weird but some people might say the same about how excited we got about being able to watch this Bachelor premiere."
There are also some interesting things going on when it comes to dentistry, tiny horses, and decapitated unicorns. Plus, there is the return of Becca and Amber, who are trying their luck again. It appears Becca being a virgin will win her some points.
"Some of the girls definitely believe that Becca's virginity gives her a leg up in the competition. It's disgusting, but entertaining."
E! Online is launching their first Bachelor Fantasy League in honor of The Bachelor Season 20, so that fans have a way to get more actively involved with the excitement of the show. The way it works is quite simple.
"Take a look at all of the women in the gallery below and pick the top five you think will make it the furthest. Tweet us your picks before 5 p.m. on January 3, and then keep track of your team throughout the season."
The rules of the contest are simple.
"Gets the first impression rose: Double pointsGets a Kiss: 5 pointsBen says 'I Love You:' 10 pointsGoes on a One on One date: 5 pointsGets accused of being there for the wrong reasons: 5 pointsCries: 5 pointsMakes a dramatic exit: 10 pointsGoes to the fantasy suite: 20 pointsWins: 50 points"
As it turns out, some people took The Bachelor Fantasy League idea to a whole different level in Season 19.The Bachelor Season 20 premieres on Monday, January 4, on ABC, and it looks like it will be a super suspenseful and crazy season for the show. Fans are excited and they will have to choose their favorite. One of those twenty-eight women will turn out to be the lucky lady who ends up winning the heart of Ben Higgins. And remember, he is coming off a relationship upset, having been dumped by Kaitlyn Bristowe from The Bachelorette. Can anyone say "rebound"?[Photo by Shutterstock]