Bank Robber Runs By Reporter During Live TV Report [Video]

Live television can bring about some of the strangest and wildest things that one can possibly imagine, so you have to be prepared for everything. That’s exactly what a television news reporter in Iowa wasn’t ready for as he was covering a bank robbery when the suspect ran right by him on the air.

As reported by Fox 2 Now, Adam Sallet, a reported with KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa, was on the scene live on Tuesday and reporting about a bank robbery. As he was detailing the robbery and what had happened, things got a little weird.

While Sallet was reporting, the bank manager comes running out of the building behind him and up over a small hill.

Sallet turned around to see what was going on, and the bank manager can be heard saying, “That guy right there. That’s the robber.”

Sallet looks on, a bit confused, and then realizes what’s happening.

“Oh… that’s the robber! This is live TV folks… that’s the robber, just went by according to the bank employee. I got to go call 911. Talk to you later.”

It may seem humorous and the anchors in the studio even laughed a little when it was thrown back to them, but it could have been quite dangerous.

According to the Post Bulletin, the bank robbery suspect had returned to the bank to hit it again, but he wasn’t as successful as he was the first time. Less than 45 minutes after the attempt, he was arrested at gunpoint by the police.

Sallet was simply outside of the Sterling State Bank and reporting on the robbery that had happened less than 24 hours prior. Strangely enough, the robber tried to hit the same bank for the second time in just about one day.

When the bank employee came running out and pointing, it was at a man who was walking north on Bandel Road. That man ended up being the robber.

Sallet did end up getting one of the biggest breaks of his career and ended up calling 911 to advise them of the situation.

After getting out of the area, the suspect’s vehicle was seen on U.S. Highway 52, and police were onto him. He was pulled over south of Minneapolis and arrested at gunpoint. The suspect’s name was not released, but it is known that he is a 36-year-old man from Rochester.

He is said to be about six feet tall and weighing between 140 and 160 pounds.

The suspect was arrested and charged with attempted robbery at the bank on Monday. He also was charged with attempted robbery of the bank on Tuesday.

The suspect entered the bank around 11 a.m. and there just so happened to be no customers inside at the time.

He showed a note to the teller in which he demanded all of the money. The note also indicated that he was indeed armed. The robber left with an undisclosed amount of cash and without injury or incident.

His getaway vehicle was parked nearby, and he had literally just walked out of the bank with the cash when the live report was being done.

Adam Sallet was simply on the scene at the bank in Iowa and doing his job as a television reporter when the break came. The bank robber left the building with the cash, and the video just so happened to capture the bank manager letting the world, including the police, know that his time was almost up.

[Photo by Yinyang/Getty Images]