‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Deny Romance Rumors, Despite Photos And Wedding Rumors

Despite all of the rumors that have surfaced, the relationship between Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie continues to confound fans. Although the two stars have been sighted on multiple occasions getting close and comfy with each other, both Harington and Leslie continue to deny rumors that they are back together.

According to Movie News Guide, Harington and Leslie were spotted out and about in London two months ago and appeared to be holding hands. A photo of the two was quickly snapped before they could get away and posted on Twitter.

At the same time, KDramaStars is reporting that the two were seen riding an escalator together and looked to be getting a little close for friends.

The image was uploaded by a fan to Instagram with the caption, “You know nothing Jon Snow. Yes, it’s the Wildling and Jon Snow. Yes, they were holding hands #wow #gameofthrones #kirbyn.”

Despite these sightings and the subsequent rumors they created, Harington has continued to deny that he is currently dating his co-star. In fact, in an interview with the Evening Standard, the Game of Thrones star revealed that he and Leslie are just really good friends and not lovers.

“All rumor and myth,” Harington explained. “Me and Rose [Leslie] are very, very close and very good friends. And continue to be, actually. She’s wonderful. But no, no love affair.”

That being said, Harington did go on to admit that even if he was dating his co-star he would not let anyone, especially the media, know about it.

“On a serious level, I wouldn’t tell the press if I was in a relationship or not,” Harington said. “I wouldn’t ever reveal that, because it takes you down a certain road… I have no desire to be courting the press with my love life.”

Although Kit Harington may not be forthcoming when it comes to his dating life, the actor did reveal to Paris Match that one of his long-term goals is to start a family of his own.

“Probably, like be really nice to everyone, have a couple of kids, get married and then just like die without bothering anyone,” he revealed.

With all the talk of marriage and keeping his dating life secret, is it possible that Harington and Leslie are more than just friends? Given the recent photographs of Leslie and Harington snuggling up to each other, it does seem like a possibility that the two are together once again.

After all, according to Design & Trend, Harington and Leslie do have a history together that spans before their work on Game of Thrones. In fact, the two have dated in the past, including a relationship that lasted one year before abruptly ending in the summer of 2013.

Following their 2013 breakup, Us Weekly revealed that the two stars had reconciled in 2014. However, their relationship hit another rough patch and ended once more shortly after.

Given the nature of their on and off again relationship, it is really difficult to pin down whether or not Harington and Leslie truly are back together again. In light of Harington’s recent comments, it is unlikely that the pair will make any sort of announcement regarding their relationship, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

“It’s not my job, it’s not who I am – and I actually think it’s more fun for everyone to speculate,” Harington stated in the Evening Standard interview. “The minute I start telling people things are true or not true, then it’s just boring.”

The sixth season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to air in April of 2016 on HBO.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]