WWE News: New League Of Nations Stable Expected To Disband Fairly Soon

When WWE Superstar Sheamus lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship this past week on WWE RAW, many fans were shocked. WWE had been trying to push Sheamus on us as the new big bad champion, and we simply could not get behind it. Fans begged for someone new, and even though a guy like Roman Reigns wasn’t the most ideal choice in it all, he came along well and at a time in which fans wanted to finally see him succeed.

Reigns winning was shocking, but what might be more shocking is that WWE is listening to fans so much so that they are potentially set to remove the League of Nations stable all together. According to Cageside Seats, the stable is not expected to last for very long. In fact, it could disband before WrestleMania 32. This is a big blow to someone like Sheamus, who was finally getting a push to the top.

The problem for him is that fans said no. They did not want to see him there, even though WWE wanted to put him there. Ratings are also proving that fans want to see something new, and due to the huge pop by nearly 1 million people for WWE RAW compared to last week, fans wanted what we saw there and not what we saw the last few weeks, or last few months for that matter. Does that mean Roman Reigns equals ratings?

Not exactly. He can do well, but content for the show was good all around mostly. The show started off hot with Reigns coming off of a huge WWE TLC performance. He then had a segment with Stephanie McMahon, who then told fans to expect her father Vince McMahon to make a surprise appearance. Many believe Vinny Mac’s appearance helped to spike the show ratings up. Due to the fact that he will not be back for a while, if ever as a televised character, we cannot expect ratings to be as high as they were this past week.

The show also contained a big segment with The New Day, as well as a Vince McMahon promo in the middle of the show, where he announced the big main event. On top of this, we had the big extreme rules 8 man tag team match with Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and The Dudleys facing off in a WWE TLC rematch against The Wyatt Family. The match was cool to see, and led us into the final hour. This helped keep the hours almost identical, as there was said to be almost no drop-off from the second to third hour.

WWE truly stacked the show to help make it great and it was. The fans went nuts when Roman Reigns finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus, but this does not mean that Reigns will always get this type of reaction. On top of this, we have to see if WWE gives us a good RAW like we saw this past Monday on a weekly basis. This seems doubtful, as they could have done this well before now, but haven’t.

As far as the League of Nations are concerned, the fact that WWE is already planning on disbanding them shows a lot of problems. First and foremost, it shows that WWE probably feels it was a mistake to pair them all up, and the fan backlash proved this. Second, it hurts a lot of storylines for each member. Alberto Del Rio dropped the Mex-America storyline to work with the League, and Rusev returned just to be thrown into it. King Barrett and Sheamus were tagging together before this, but who knows what will happen after the disbanding.

The big issue is that The Authority has to have someone or a group of some kind to go against the big babyfaces. When the League of Nations does end, who will step in to take the spot? What group could be formed? We will have to wait and see what sort of creative idea WWE can come up with here, and the hope is that it will include a star that needs more exposure.

[Image via WWE]