Harry Styles Superfan Sends Twitter Wild With Jealousy After 10-Hour Flight With One Direction Star

Imagine Harry Styles sitting next to you on a plane for 10 hours.

It's the stuff of fan fiction heaven for many One Direction fans, but it became a reality for Alex Lomas this week when she found herself positioned at the British singer's side on a flight from Los Angeles to Manchester. Styles was travelling home after performing at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball in LA.

The giddy fan broke the exciting news on Twitter, thanking Styles for taking the time to have "a nice long chat" with her, during which they were "laughing and joking."

Harry was said to be asleep for much of the flight, with Lomas stating that she had, in fact, been reading Styles fan fiction -- Larry Stylinson, perhaps -- and scrolling through One Direction Instagram posts when she noticed that the pop star was right next to her.

Styles was said to be interested in his conversation with the young Directioner, discussing the fact that he was heading home to Cheshire in order to spend the festive period with his family.

Since revealing her exciting plane time with Harry, teen Lomas has been inundated with new social media followers on Twitter and Instagram, with many congratulating her for the meeting she had with her pop music idol.

However, she has also experienced the bizarre side of Harry Styles' fans. Metro reported that other Directioners have already constructed something of a fan fiction universe around Styles and the flight, sharing images and stories on social media.

Lomas was also asked by numerous fans whether she had taken pictures of Styles sleeping on the plane in a prime example of online celebrity culture's weirder side. Thankfully, that suggestion was dismissed as more than a little creepy and disrespectful.
One Direction fans are among the most rabid of internet fandoms, coveting every aspect of their musical favorites and indulging in what can best be described as slightly unusual tactics to gain recognition from Harry Styles and his bandmates Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Zayn Malik left the group in March.

One Direction are set to take a hiatus from their musical career together following a special performance at the final of The X-Factor and their appearance in LA. Harry and his colleagues have returned to the ITV talent show frequently since the show catapulted them to global fame in 2010.

Simon Cowell paid tribute to Styles and the group after their rendition of new single "Infinity," as reported in the Daily Mail.

"Well, this takes me back five years ago when I met five guys, singing as solo artists, then I never could have predicted what happened next. I know you're gonna take a break, you deserve it. I want to take a chance now to say, thank you, you've been an absolute pleasure to work with. Five of the nicest guys I ever met. Enjoy the time off, have a fantastic time."

Harry Styles performs with One Direction at Jingle Ball 2015
Harry Styles and One Direction [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Styles made his own impact during the X-Factor performance, wearing a colorful Gucci suit compared to the more modest outfits sported by his bandmates. This marks the latest stage in Harry's love affair with the Italian brand, according to a piece in the Guardian.

"Harry Styles has taken the Nudie Cohn aesthetic to primetime TV, wearing a highly decorative ensemble that would not have looked out of place in Gram Parsons' wardrobe. Styles never seems to be more than five metres away from a piece of elaborate clothing these days, having become so enamoured with new-era Gucci under Alessandro Michele that he is permanently swathed in the brand's fancy fabric."

Meanwhile, the Styles superfan who met her hero in the intimate surroundings of a trans-Atlantic flight is, of course, keeping her feet completely on the ground.

[Photo by Alex Lomas on Twitter]