WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Comments On Retiring From Pro Wrestling

There are three names that have transcended sports entertainment throughout the years: Hulk Hogan, the Rock and John Cena. It’s easy to say that without them, the WWE wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is right now. Hogan really began the phenomena that is the WWE and sports entertainment. The Rock brought the world of Hollywood into the mix and Cena solidified it by proving wrestling and entertainment worked together.

Since 2002, Cena proved the doubters wrong and became one of the best wrestlers of all-time. Even though what CM Punk said was right, Cena succeeded anyway. He was a bodybuilder that didn’t reach the highest plateau. Instead, he tried wrestling. Cena turned the Prototype into the 15-time WWE champion. Last night at WWE TLC, there were “We Want Cena” chants. WWE TLC was in Boston.

WWE TLC Logo WWE TLC logo. [Image via F4WOnline.com]That was due to the lack of interest from the WWE Universe in their main event. Roman Reigns and Sheamus had a great ending, but in the middle of the match had the crowd wanting someone else. Cena took time off after he lost to Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. He’s been filming movies, starring in a new reality show and taking time off.

WWE fans better get used to Cena not being around a lot, because it’s only going to get more consistent from here. John Cena recently spoke about retiring from professional wrestling.

“I’ve always sworn to myself that if I can’t keep up with the current level athletically, it’s my time to take another role, whether that’s commentating on the matches or stepping behind the curtain and molding younger talent,” Cena said.

“I always want to do whatever I can to help the industry. I see firsthand how happy we make kids and families. When you get a kid to sit down and have a conversation with [their] Superman, it’s the coolest thing. It makes their day. That’s a pretty cool, unique thing.”

Respect for Cena was earned when he started to do the U.S. Open Challenge. He likely knew that it wasn’t his place in the main event scene for no reason, so he decided to make the United States championship mean something. The West Newbury, Massachusetts native now understands his role in the WWE. He doesn’t have to hold the WWE championship and carry the company.

Albeit, ratings are down right now and not having Cena at the shows aren’t helping their situation. To make matters worse, John Cena is expected to take time off after Royal Rumble.

“John Cena is currently not scheduled for any live events after this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. He is not advertised for appearances again until WWE’s tour of Germany that kicks off on February 10th.”

Since October, Cena will miss a combined-three months out of five. What does this mean for the future of the WWE? He’s not “the guy” anymore. Therefore, WWE officials must find a new man to carry the company. The ending of WWE TLC shine some light on who that may be. Roman Reigns has the look, but is lacking the substance.

After his bout with Sheamus, he displayed a new side of himself. Unfortunately, that just isn’t enough to get everyone behind him. Reigns’ mic skills are still bad. They aren’t improving, which isn’t a plus. Second, WWE officials aren’t doing him any favor with the promos they’re making him rehearse and memorize. There are numerous examples as to why that’s a bad idea.

Roman Reigns Triple H TLC
Roman Reigns powerbombing Triple H through a table. (Image via Twitter)

Third, there are WWE stars who are simply more popular than Reigns. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose consistently get a better reaction from the fans than Reigns. When Sami Zayn and Finn Balor come up full-time, they will likely also get bigger reactions. One thing is for certain, if Reigns can alleviate his bad promo skills, then the fans will get behind him. Sometimes, it just takes a man with a microphone.

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