'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nutcracker Gala Week Brings Punches, Threats, Questions, And An Engagement

There is a big holiday event coming up soon on General Hospital, and spoilers indicate that there will be plenty of juicy moments incorporated. New teasers are out about the gala, and fans will have a lot to look forward to in this one. What is known so far about the big Port Charles party?

As ABC Soaps in Depth details, the majority of the holiday gala will play out during the week of December 21. Everybody will be dressed to the nines for the Nutcracker Gala, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be one special guest performing at the event: India Arie.

Photos and promos out so far show that many of the expected couples will be attending this one together. Nikolas and Hayden will be there, as will Nina and Franco. Kristina and Molly will be involved, and Alexis and Julian are there too. It would seem that Maxie may be attending with Dillon, and viewers can expect Elizabeth to be there as well.

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will see Spinelli and Ellie back in town for the gala, and tidbits in a new promo indicate that there will be plenty of drama incorporated into this event. Soap Opera Digest shared scoop on a new GH spoiler video for the Nutcracker Gala. While the event is said to kick off on the Friday, December 18 show, the real chaos begins the following Monday.

Leading into this, viewers will see Patrick and Anna join forces with Robert to track down Robin. This is going to pave the way for Jason Thompson's exit from GH, but it is said that Emma will be sticking around Port Charles with Anna after the big adventure. The big General Hospital spoiler preview for the week of the gala shows Patrick attacking Jerry Jacks as Anna and Robert have their guns drawn.

The preview also shows Michael asking Sabrina the big question: Is he the baby's father? She has been dancing around this for some time now, but the red flags are adding up for Michael and she may finally have to come clean. Will Sabrina tell the truth and if she does, will Michael leave her?

Though there is plenty of drama set to play out during the week of the gala, there is romance in the air as well. Maxie and Nathan are hitting their stride, and Alexis and Julian are doing well too. A surprise engagement is on the way, but it is not known quite yet which Port Charles couple is involved in this one.

What about Jason, Elizabeth, and Sam? General Hospital spoilers have teased that Liz will show up at the gala with a shocking date, and some wonder if she could somehow manage to convince Jason to attend with her. The preview does show another fierce confrontation between Jason and Nikolas, and both men are in tuxedos, so Jason does end up attending the Quartermaine-hosted gala.

The week of December 21 seems to bring more tension between Liz and Sam over Jason while things are hot and heavy for Nik and Hayden. Paul and Ava get frisky with one another again and it looks like it will be a wild week.

As She Knows Soaps details, GH has done work with Toys for Tots every year for some time now, and the partnership is usually incorporated into the show in some way though this is the first time the Nutcracker Gala has been in the mix of things. General Hospital fans love a good Port Charles gala, so this may become a regular thing in future years if viewers embrace it.

Who will be getting engaged? How does Jason end up at the Nutcracker Gala? Viewers can't wait to see how this all comes together, and there should be more General Hospital spoilers about the event coming out soon.

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