Will Ferrell Returns As Bush To ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Mocks GOP, Announces New Bid For White House

Famed comedian Will Ferrell returns as Bush once again when he made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and reprised his popular caricature of the former President George W. Bush during the opening, reported the Huffington Post.


The actor revisited is now infamous impression of America’s 43rd president on the show, using the opportunity to take well-deserved jabs at the 2016 GOP candidates and the disintegrating state of the Republican party in general. Perhaps the biggest surprise came when Farrell announced while in character that George W. Bush would be running again.

“I’ve made a big decision. I’m entering the race for the president of the United States of America. The field of Republicans out there is so messed up, I figured it makes you miss me, doesn’t it? And that’s saying a lot.”

But Farrell didn’t stop there, reported the Washington Post. Instead, he went on to provide his honest assessment of each Republican candidate running for President in 2016, saying he can barely hear [Ben Carson] when he talks and taking a jab at Jeb Bush, quipping, “You got to admit it’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one.”

Of course, the increasingly reviled Donald Trump took more than a few blows throughout the night, with Farrell-as-Bush calling Trump a “knucklehead,” while laughing hysterically at an image of the candidate’s face, which he likened to a “big fat orange Oompa Loompa.”

Still, Ferrell’s analysis of today’s undeniably strange political climate didn’t stop on the surface and delved much deeper than mere appearances, reported MSNBC. In addressing Trump’s recent highly criticized call to ban all Muslims from the United States, for example, Ferrell called the idea “impossible to implement and not what this country is about.”

As Farrell returns as Bush, he also took this rhetoric a step farther and turned his ire toward Rubio and Cruz, who have also both expressed highly controversial views on immigration, even though they both happen to be sons of immigrant families themselves.

“These two guys, the sons of immigrants, hate immigrants. I for one, like them Mexican people. They are my amigos. Tex Mex is my favorite kind of food.”

Despite the fun that has been had at the expense of the 2016 GOP candidates by “Saturday Night Live,” it’s also important to take the rhetoric being thrown about by some of the candidates very seriously. I

In fact, on the heels of Will Ferrell’s return as Bush, Poitico Magazine recently reported on the growing extremism of Donald Trump and other GOP candidates is actually helping terrorists win, since preying on fear and Islamophobia has been proven to make the United States more vulnerable to attack. Despite the tremendous progress the U.S. has made against terrorism since 9/11, we are still lacking the essential structural foundation to build a successful anti-terrorism effort on our home soil.

“We lack a shared recognition of the importance of the American Muslim community in preventing the spread of extremism. In recent weeks the Republican candidates have worsened matters markedly through their relentless stoking of public panic and hatred of Muslims.”

Of course, the United States must combat ISIL and make every effort to reduce instances of homegrown terrorists, which are largely Caucasian and often include radicalized Christian terrorists.

“In a period when the terrorist threat is principally a threat from within – from homegrown militants, rather than foreign operatives trying to penetrate U.S. border controls from abroad, these characteristics add up to a huge advantage for the United States: American Muslims are less likely than European Muslims to become terrorists, and American Muslim communities are more prone to assist U.S. law enforcement when something goes wrong.”

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]