Sheree Whitfield Calls Tammy McCall Browning ‘Desperate’ And ‘Thirsty,’ Seemingly Calls Out Kenya Moore For Stirring The Pot

Sheree Whitfield continued to call out Tammy McCall Browning on Sunday night as the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired. On Twitter, Sheree described Tammy as “desperate” and “thirsty.” Tammy may not have been the only person Sheree went after on social media. Sheree also posted some tweets that seemed to be directed at Kenya Moore.

Sheree made fun of Tammy’s hair. Sheree added the hashtag “#thirsty” to her tweet.

Sheree later tweeted an explanation for why she put Tammy in the hot seat during the group’s Miami vacation. In her tweet, Sheree continued to make fun of Tammy’s hair, which she said on the episode looks like long braids that are just taped on with velcro.

Sheree also made clear that she thinks that it’s time for Tammy to go.

Sheree even called Tammy “desperate.”

The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed the cast going to Miami in a bid to move on from what happened during the Lake Lanier boat ride, during which Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams got into a physical fight. Not surprisingly, the Miami trip wasn’t without some drama. Kenya Moore told Sheree Whitfield that during the car ride to Lake Lanier, Tammy McCall Browning, who joined the outing as Cynthia’s friend, told her and Cynthia that she doesn’t believe that Sheree would have married her ex-husband if he wasn’t a NBA player. Tammy, who said that she has been good friends with Sheree’s ex, Bob Whitfield, for years, made clear that she believes that Sheree was in the marriage just for money.

In her interview, Sheree accused Tammy of crossing the line with Bob.

“I’m glad Tammy has a picture-perfect marriage. She must have used my husband as practice.”

During a group dinner while in Miami, Sheree confronted Tammy about what she said. Sheree outright asked Tammy if she ever had sex with Bob. Tammy adamantly maintained that she never had sex with Bob, whom she said she doesn’t even find physically attractive. Sheree then said that Bob mentioned Tammy’s name in his long list of women he slept with during their relationship. Tammy continued to deny any inappropriate behavior.

After it came out that it was Kenya who told Sheree what Tammy said, Kenya defended herself by saying that she was just giving Sheree the information that she needed to hear. New cast member Kim Fields disagreed. Kenya’s face turned to stone after hearing Kim basically call her an instigator.

“Does it feel like there’s a difference between information and instigation.”

As the episode continued, Sheree tweeted that someone loves to stir the pot in order to be the center of attention. Sheree believes that this pot-stirer needs to get a hobby.

Was Sheree talking about Kenya? After all, it was Kenya who told Sheree what Tammy said about her marriage to Bob. Several people replied to Sheree’s tweet to agree that Kenya always stirs the pot.

Sheree later tweeted that there are some “desperate snakes” in the cast.

Not everyone thinks Kenya Moore was totally out of line for repeating what Tammy McCall Browning said to Sheree Whitfield. In response to one viewer who said that Kenya should not have repeated what Tammy and described Kenya as “messy,” Kandi Burruss tweeted that Kenya wasn’t friends with Tammy. Kandi added that Kenya had a better relationship with Sheree so of course she was going to say something. Kenya retweeted Kandi’s tweet.

Kandi Burruss also pointed out that all of the women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta gossip.

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